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THE SECRET'S OUT!!! Marvel Studios finally reveals their first gay superhero/actor.


- The Secret is out! Marvel has finally revealed who's gonna be their first gay superhero and who's the actor playing the anticipated role.
- Brian Jordan Alvarez, Wilson Cruz and Conrad Ricamora were runner-ups but the role finally went to...

[Click the spoiler for the reveal!]
[No, seriously, are you sure?]
[i mean it. Last warning.]

Marvel's first openly gay leading superhero is... IKARIS, the leader of the Eternals. (yay!)

... and he will be played by Brandon Flynn's "roommate" Richard Madden (welp.), as announced in San Diego Comic-con.

Richard Madden is believed to be Bisexual, he dated Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who), and recently is believed to be in a relationship with Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why), if he identifies as LGBTQ+, he's not out. He has played gay characters before in 'Rocketman' as a love interest for not-gay Taron Egerton, and one of the leads in the underrated UK show 'Sirens' (cancelled too soon!).You can take a look at some of his talents:

For those who don't know Ikaris is a 20,000-year-old human augmented with cosmic energy. Ikaris spends milliannia hopping around the galaxy before returning to Earth as a superhero. According to legend within the Marvel universe, the character is actually the dove sent by God after destroying the world in the Noah’s Ark story. In the comics he had a wife and a son. Ikaris gave his son a flying device but the careless fuck flew to close to the sun and fell to the ocean and died.

Ikaris powers are immortality (i see u trying to make your own Captain Jack Harkness), super strength, cosmic energy manipulation, regeneration, flight and teleportation. So he's basically Goku.

At least he's nice on the peepers:

Will he take Brandon Flynn to the red carpet, tho?
Props to all the sis in the last few posts who called it.

Source: 1, 2

ONTD, are you happy with this casting choice?
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