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disney announces disney+ streaming bundle with espn+ and hulu

  • disney's upcoming $7-a-month disney+ service (half the price of competitor hbo now) will be bundled at a discount with the company's other streaming services: espn+ and the ad-supported version of hulu. disney will combine all three subscriptions for $13 a month, a $5 discount on what you'd pay for the three services separately.

  • in other words, disney set the price so you get all three services for the same price as netflix's most popular plan in the u.s. the bundle will be available in the u.s. on november 12th, when disney+ is set to launch. the same month as apple’s streaming service, apple tv+, and a few months before warnermedia’s streaming service, hbo max, arrives.

  • disney also hinted at original programming for disney+ based on fox franchises like home alone and night at the museum. disney ceo, bob iger, said that disney is interested in "reimagining" those franchises and others like cheaper by the dozen and diary of a wimpy kid "for a new generation."

  • disney is investing heavily in the streaming world. disney+ will host big-budget original series like the mandalorian, loki, and falcon and the winter soldier; existing star wars and marvel properties; original mid-budget movies like a live-action lady & the tramp, stargirl, and noelle

  • disney may also create shows for cable channel fx that premiere on hulu, but ultimately end up running on the traditional network.

  • though disney+ is meant to be the streaming home for nearly all things disney including marvel, pixar and star wars, espn+ is designed to complement the company's cash-cow sports network; by subscribing to espn+, you don't unlock the same programming that espn's channels have.

  • disney will be revving up its marketing machine to campaign for disney+ later this month. "it's going to be treated as the most important product that the company has launched...certainly during my tenure," bob iger has said. people attending disney's biennial fan conference in anaheim, d23, are going to be the first to sign up as subscribers. d23 opens august 23rd.

  • iger also expects disney will strike deals with distributors like amazon and apple that sell subscriptions to streaming services through a single bill, like amazon channels.


so ontd, which streaming giant is sending you to the poorhouse?

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