Amanda Hugginkiss (toxic_illusion) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amanda Hugginkiss

Jon Voight Channels Your Racist Uncle on Facebook That You Can't Unfriend

John Voight, actor, true authority of whether if something is racist, tells the black community that racism was "solved long ago by our forefathers for peace and love"

Blames the "angry left" for wanting to hold Donald Trump accountable for past lives, but reminds us that he's a champion for human rights. [Citation needed]

He then goes on a really fucking weird and offensive rant about how slavery is old wounds that still seem fresh but "let me talk about our wounds.. the holocaust. that my friends are wounds that live among the jewish and non jewish that lost lives." Honestly, what the fuck.

But this isn't about color or race even though 22 people were killed in El Paso this past weekend by a white man who thinks that there is a "Hispanic Invasion in Texas."

Apparently America was built on trust and liberty and a land of opportunity [citation needed]

He says that Donald Trump loves this country and wants to make it great again [citation needed] and that the angry left is preventing him. How fucking dare  you.

Unsure if there were Minion memes posted afterwards.

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