Jennifer Garner Says She Was ‘Defined’ by Pregnancies and Babies


For the 25th anniversary of InStyle, Garner says she is no longer the 'hot girl' and is not offered as many roles as she used to get in her 20s

“When you’re one of the ‘hot girls’ of the moment, you’re making choices that define you. I was defined first by choosing to go on hiatus, and then I was very quickly defined by pregnancies and babies.”

"I don’t have the offers coming at me that I had during that first [2004] cover, but I know that what does come my way is because someone really wants to see me take a shot at a role."

She says she guards her kids’ privacy:

“I guard my kids’ privacy as much as I possibly can, and I’ve never posted pictures of them on Instagram. “I’m sure there are times my kids would really love to see themselves reflected on social media in a fun way and to have the attention they would get from that. But I’ve fought too hard against it. It would feel hypocritical.”