Rare Early Silent Lesbian Film Poster Price Climbs

Filibus is an early (1915) silent Italian film about a female sky pirate making highly skilled robberies while leading a double life as a countess. With her own futuristic airship, she silently hovers over her intended marks, ready to strike, using scifi (for the time) devices to break into the tightest of security.
As a mistress of disguise she readily seduces both men and women in order to fulfill her plans. This is film one of a planned three part serial that didn't take off, The film was written by Giovanni Bertinetti, a member of the Italian Futurist movement whose ideas on gender fluidity and equality were well before their time.
The remastered film is appearing at several film festivals throughout 2019, and is receiving a favourable response.
One of the early posters for the film has come up for auction and is climbing fast from the initial $1.00 bid, to approach $1000.00 which is surprising for a relatively unknown foreign film, and whose lead character seems to present an LBGTQ face.
Emovieposter.com has featured the poster over the last week and seen the surprising price climb. Poster is here: