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Un ONTD Original: Cinco Telenovelas de Mexico from the late 90’s that were Memorable

“El Privilegio De Amar” — (1998)

Descripción: El Privilegio de Amar (translated: The Privilege To Love) tells the story of a fashion designer, Luciana, who is desperately searching for the daughter she abandoned years ago at a convent. She’s unaware that her daughter is Cristina, a model in Luciana’s very own fashion house who she mistreats and has also fallen in love with Luciana’s stepson, Victor Manuel.

“Soñadoras” — (1998)

Descripción: Oushhhh! Sacan las tachas! Soñadoras (translated: Dreamers) is about 5 girls and boys (Jacqueline, Lucía, Julieta, Emilia, Ana, Beto, Manuel, Benjamín aka “El Terco,” Gerardo, y Rubén) who are attending school and navigating life and deal with real life problems such as sex, dating, body issues, drug addiction, classism, and ghosts. Yes, apparently someone is haunting the school they’re attending. Along with the students, the telenovela focuses on Fernanda, a psychologist who works in a rehabilitation center for substance abusers. She falls in love with Jose Luis, a writer and a literature teacher who works at the school the dreamers are attending. A messy relationship begins between him and one of his students: Jaqueline. Did I mention that Jaqueline’s dad, Eugenio de la Peña, is also a drug lord? Yeah. Definitivo.

“La Usurpadora” — (1998)

Descripción: La Usurpadora (translated: The Usurper) is about twin sisters (Gabriela Spanic) who were separated at birth and meet by chance and are shocked at how much they look alike. Paola is rich and selfish while Paulina is sweet and humble but poor. In an act of desperation, Paola frames Paulina accusing her of stealing her bracelet at her place of employment. She won’t press charges if Paulina agrees to impersonate her back home so she can leave her husband and children and travel the world with another rich man.

“Esmeralda” — (1997)

Descripción: On a stormy night, Blanca gives birth to her daughter Esmeralda who was mistakenly thought to be born dead by the midwife and is switched at birth with another baby (José Armando) whose mother died after giving birth. Many years later, Blanca and her family return to the hacienda where the birth happened. José Armando is now a doctor and his father’s pride and joy. Esmeralda is raised by the midwife and is blind. She and José Armando eventually meet and fall in love, not realizing how both of them switched places years ago.

“Rosalinda” — (1999)

Descripción: Rosalinda is a beautiful young woman who works in a flower shop to pay for her education while aspiring to become a singer. One day while delivering flowers to a restaurant, she meets Fernando José Altamirano, a pianist and composer. Rosalinda instantly falls in love with Fernando José and tells him of her dream of becoming a singer. They get married and have a daughter but Fernando’s stepmother Valeria tries to destroy their relationship. Rosalinda (and Fernando José) eventually discover that her birth mother, Soledad, is actually alive and serving a prison sentence for the murder of Fernando José’s father. Dun dun dun!

Quieres más telenovelas? Check out my original from last year with “Nueve Telenovelas de México that were Underrated.”

ONTD, what are your favorite telenovelas from the late 90’s and early 00’s? Which should I include for part dos?

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