Taylor Swift Hosts Nashville Secret Sessions Until 5 AM


- Taylor Swift held the 2nd "Lover" secret sessions last night, and it reportedly lasted 13 hours-- beginning at 4 PM and concluding at 5 am
- Swift played 113 fans her new album at her Nashville home, and it was noticeably larger than other secret sessions as it included fans that were originally slated to attend a secret session in Rhode Island before the date got leaked online which Swift's team feared would result in stalkers
- One guest tweeted about a collaboration with Katy Perry before deleting it
- Another guest posted that ”the album vibe definitely matches the color of the album cover. It has ‘1989’ feels, ‘Speak Now’ lyrics, ‘Fearless’ hints and none of 'reputation'.
- Another fan wrote on Tumblr that she told Taylor she felt "like the world is on fire" to which Taylor replied "yeah, we're living in a hellscape"