Angelina Jolie Poses With Her Two Rescue Dogs

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Angelina Jolie is starting the PR tour for Maleficent 2, and she wrote an essay for Elle magazine about maleficent women.

She also poses with her two rescue dogs, a pitbull mix and a rottweiler that her oldest sons chose as puppies.

An excerpt from her essay:

"Women could be accused of witchcraft for having an independent sex life, for speaking their mind on politics or religion, or for dressing differently. Had I lived in earlier times, I could have been burnt at the stake many times over for simply being myself. The accusation of witchcraft has been used to control and silence women in almost all societies and in every century."

Damn, she looks great.Collapse )

aj ontd.jpg

Would u have been accused of being a witch?

I am a witch