ONTD Investigative Original: Did Lea Michele REALLY Get a Nose Job?

2007 (24)

OP was working on an ONTD Original that focused on celebrity hypocrites, and Lea Michele was the first in that entry. Why? Because she has made a career out of having a big nose and being proud of it, and the comments in my last ONTD original convinced me SO FAST that she had her nose done.

I mean, look at this comparison photo.


Seems like a no-brainer, right?

The reason, though, behind why I've decided to make this whole other post comes from the fact that I wholly believe in fair comparisons. I think the lighting and angles in before/after shots should be as exact as possible and contouring needs to be taken into consideration. Finding such comparison photos could take hours (OP has no life in this fucking HEAT rn) - typically, if the lighting is right, the angles are off; if the angles are right, the lighting is way off; if the lighting and angles are perfect, the facial expressions are totally different. It's virtually impossible to get really good, totally fair comparison photos. And while gathering such photos, the more I looked through Lea's gallery, the more I became convinced that it's really just... all contour.

Have you considered the possibility that you might just be blind or dumb?
Yes, girl. But hear me out.

The thing about Lea's nose is that the bridge of it has always been fairly slim and straight. Not really bumpy or wide. The lower part of her nose is where it's more bulbus, but she heavily contours all parts of her nose.

Can contour really make that much of a difference?
Fuck yeah, son, come on. Makeup as a whole profits so much from completely altering someone's face without its consumers going through expensive and risky cosmetic procedures. And if you don't know shit about Lea Michele, you probably at least know she has a very intense love for makeup/beauty/fashionand often has fun with all of it. If you didn't know that either, then, well... now you know and can pat yourself on the back for actually reading, tiger. That's an ONTD Reading Challenge achievement.

Fine. But what about lighting? Lighting can't be THAT drastic.
Au contraire, mon cheri...

August 2009 (1)
Note: the photo on the left was taken before the photo on the right was. Not after. So, if this doesn't convince you that lighting makes a huge difference, I can't help you.

Going back to this photo...

It's actually a brilliantly unfair comparison: If you look at the photo on the left, you may notice that it was shot indoors with a flash that reflects off the tip of her nose, was taken close to her face, and at an angle that allows for a sharp shadow to form around the bottom of her nose. This makes her nose actually look bigger than it would otherwise. Here are two different photos of Lea taken from those exact same events:


Still not totally 'fair', thanks to the shitty focus on the right photo, but definitely a bigger difference than the previous comparison photo. At least the lighting and facial expressions are comparable here. And Lea isn't doing that stiff expression she likes to whip out from time to time, whatever the fuck that is.

Here are some close-up photos that really show you where she contours. These are super close-up photos, and everyone looks like shit in close-up photos, so I don't wanna hear it, ONTD.



And now some heavy contour vs. not-so-heavy/non-contour photos.




ALSO, the tip of her nose is the exact same.


2007 (26)


What about in motion? Here she is in 2007 - 2008




And here she is, last month, talking about how proud she is of her nose and the alleged fact that she didn't get work done.



Do you think she got a nose job, ONTD?
...Cause I don't think I do tbh. EXPERTS, WEIGH IN.