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ONTD Original: The Flop That Got Away: Witness

It's inevitable that our faves will experience a ~flop era~. Stan culture will not have it any other way.

What does a flop era consist of?

1.Underwhelming Lead Single (Chart wise)
2.Public backlash
3.Think pieces on ONTD
4.Messy promo/social media meltdowns

With all the hooplah surrounding these eras, most people forget about the main priority: the MUSIC.
Now while you all are too busy worried about the length of Katy's hair, I was bopping to this album. Which I feel like is her most consistent and ~dark~ sound we've gotten so far on a Katy album.

Let's take a look back at the music shall we?

With the legal issues surrounding alleged rapist Dr.L***, Katy had no choice but to find new producers. Some of credits belong to Duke Dumont (Songs: Ocean Drive, I Got U) and Purity Ring. The result? Katy's most electronic album to date. She's always been a  straightforward pop gorl but robo-Katy is in full effect and she channels ha best Femme Fatale.

1. Witness

Now, this BOP should've been the LEAD single. I love CTTR but get into this midtempo bop.  Can I get a witness

2. Hey, Hey, Hey

If you've never heard of Purity Ring, Hey Hey Hey has glimpses of their signature sound. Although the lyrics are very Kidz Bop, the beat itself slaps and deserves to be recognized. The song was released as a single and got a cute video.

3. Roulette

Now this is the ONE thing most of ONTD got right. Roulette absolutely should have been a single and I have no idea wtf Team Katy was thinking letting this song go by. As one user pointed out to me a while back, this would also have been a great Britney song. But we all know how Miss Katy feels about Living Legend. ANYWAY.

4. Swish Swish
Okay, I'd like everyone else to leave the room because I want to have a chat with the gays for a bit.......NOW can you all tell me why tf you let this song pass as the gay anthem of 2017? I'm confused? I expected better from you.....periodT.  To be fair, Katy did not help with the video. I'm not gonna say much about the video  besides, I hope Katy had fun because otherwise, it was a cringe ass MESS. Katy enlisted the talents of Nicki Minaj-Petty. Onika arguably gave one of her best verses that year and managed to tug a bit on Remy Ma's wig (silly rap beefs did give ha more CHECKS) This song snapped and all I have to say is Katy if we ever see you with another basketball in a video, i'm calling the cops. Gays? For the love of Rupaul, please get your shit together.

5. Deja Vu

TBH, the vibe this song gives me is a night drive, smoking a blunt, and basically being THAT beesh while thinking about your fuckboy/girl ruining your life but you can't get enough. This song is loopy, but the beat snaps. This would've been a cute single but tbh, I'm fine leaving it as a deep cut

6. Power

Team Katy...... Of all the screechy ballads we've allowed Katy to get #1's from, you all choose to ignore Power. This is arguably one of the best songs on the album. I've said this before but when Katy stays in her range, her voice is pleasant. Firework? No. Power? Yes. This would've been a great single given how much the public was dragging her left and right during this era.

7. Mind Maze
This song should be deleted from memory. NEXT

8. Miss You More

I feel like this is the "Not Like The Movies" of the album. It's over the top in it's melodrama but at the same time, we've all been there. Whenever I'm thinking about certain people who I've fallen out with, I have moments of wanting to listen to this. A true Hot Girl/Boy summer means that you allow yourself a melodramatic moment before going back to your ~best life~

9. Chained To The Rhythm

This song is great and given the current climate we're in, I have to respect Katy for getting political before it became a trend (is this shade? idk, YOU need to calm down). The lead single did well but I think it just suffered from poor timing and people were just oozing for Katy to finally crash.  There's some good remixes of this song too. I do not think this should've been the lead single, maybe 2nd or 3rd?


Whew chillay, whenever Miss Britney decides to drop a new project...my bussy will be feeling like this song. Tsunami is obviously a metaphor for Katy's horniness? It's such a smooth bop and I suggest you run a slow bath, buy a Yankee Candle and love yourself for a bit (#streamTouchOfMyHand)

11. Bon Appetit

Attention, all the people having a hot girl/hot boy summer this year....um, you could've BEEN HAD one when this bop dropped. Now Miss Katy, I need to have a word with you. If you're going to make such a great anthem can we find other rappers besides The Migos. Dark Horse this is not, but all in all this song deserved way better. And there are two great remixes MUNA and 3LAU. Also, lets avoid trying to be ~hip~ on SNL. OOP....do I hear more people still talking about the length of ha hair? Well Katy gave ya'll a long blonde wig in this video, so hush.

12-13. Bigger Than Me and Save as Draft

No thank you. I like to return this item please, I have a receipt.

14. Pendulum

Katy must have attended a black church service in Alabama because that's what this is giving me. And if you have never experienced that...well please go back to your raisin potato salad. THANKS. Pendulum was a great bop. Single material? NOPE. But it's a good deep cut.

Now, after reading this I hope you have more taste and back it up with these pockets. There are deluxe tracks but you need to go ahead and stream those. I did the rest of the work for you.

Thank you very much.

ONTD, do you focus too much on a haircut instead of enjoying bops?

Poll #2094672 Album Revisit

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