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Three years flushed down the toilet': What happened to Dreamworks' 'B.O.O.'?

Animation fans will know that many ideas are killed before they exit the writer's room. But few have gotten so far into production, casting, and actual rendered 'Here's some promo images of merchandise' production as Dreamworks' B.O.O: Bureau Of Otherworldly Operations.

(Also, "Larrikins", but that just had a concept and some actors attached - Jai Courtney and Margot Robbie IIRC. And apparently "Me and My Shadow" might be this way too.)

it was about a pair of ghosts – one new, one a veteran – who work as a sort of paranormal Men In Black (Or R.I.P.D), policing the afterlife and those who choose to abuse it (Like posession?).

It would star Melissa McCarthy ("Bridesmaids", "Spy", "The Kitchen") and Seth Rogan ("The Lion King", "Sausage Party", James Franco's BFF)

An animator wishing to remain anonymous, said that around 60% of the movie was completely animated.

The only bit of promo released for the film, briefly on Amazon.
There's Post Malone with the Dreamworks face!

DWA hadn't been doing too hotly as of late. "Dragons 2" hadn't performed to expectations, and another flop would harm the constantly battered studio. (Fun fact, "Dragons 3" is their first movie released A) after being bought by Comcast and B) since 2017's "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" (when they were owned by 20th Century Fox)

They did not want to go against Pixar's "Inside Out" with the picture, pulled it...and then in Jan. 2016, there were 500 layoffs at the company.

There were also some story issues. No one knew how it would end. A big point of contention was that Rogen's character was a father who died and joined B.O.O to be with the kid he left behind.

Essentially, "B.O.O" still sits on the shelf at Dreamworks Animation. Just like "The New Mutants", who knows if it will see the light of release.


Would you see B.O.O, fellow 8 animation pundits of ONTD?
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