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Agents of SHIELD season 6 finale discussion

EW spoke with Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, and Jeff Bell about the season 6 finale and about season 7 (which will air next Summer).

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Their adventures begin in 1930s New York and the Zephyr is now a time machine. Regarding the show's time travel rules and Endgame's, the characters will be debating them and the audience will have to wait and see, but Marvel won't let them do anything they don't want them to.

* There's no show without Clark Gregg, with Sarge if he ended up being a good guy, you had a watered down version of the guy we loved, which they didn't want. If he stayed a bad guy, they just played that out for a season. They didn't want to buy back the end of season 5, they wanted to honor it. They and the team missed Coulson, so they thought it'd be nice to bring him back, but as a 2.0 version. He'll have new stuff to play and there's new rules to his existence.

* Deke starts out as a survivor in an apocalyptic environment, when he got dropped back in our world, he was a blank slate, which we saw this year what that turned into and how he used it to his advantage. It's important to get to the heart of Deke and his reasons for doing things, because he's been funny and ridiculous. He never really had family and he tries to fit in and feels rejected by his grandparents, it was a great motive for him to do something stupid and heroic out of pain rather than true heroism.

They've officially finished filming for season 7 (the final season)

And some familiar faces showed up for the wrap party


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What did you think of the s6 finale?

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