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The L Word Generation Q Sets December 8th Premiere Date

-A huge part of the original pitch to bring back #TheLWord was to talk about what has changed and what hasn’t in the LGBTQ+ community.
-Storytelling can have you feel compassion and empathy because love is love. It’s an energy that’s not defined by gender and sexual preference. - Jennifer Beals
-Leo Sheng says while we’ve evolved in our language and efforts, there needs to be more representation of the trans community on TV. Micah is that relatable character.
-Gen Q is meant to be an aspirational queer narrative that shows LGBTQ+ members in incredible jobs and sophisticated romantic relationships to teach young adults how “to be.” - Showrunner and EP Marja Lewis Ryan

-Harkening back to one of the greatest all-time The L Word episodes, “Layup,” during which an inexplicable and delightful game of “basketball” was “played,” Ryan used a sports metaphor to explain to reporters, “We have had long conversations about [lesbians and trans people] and we are very plugged into the conversations that are coming out of the divide. I strongly stand on the side of inclusivity. We don’t have enough teammates to play a full game if we’re not all on the team.”

-Clayton will play Tess, "a no-nonsense bartender who sees other people clearly but has a blind spot when it comes to her own relationships." She is the second trans actress announced as part of the cast, following the new of Sophie Giannamore being cast as Jordi, "a rebellious teen with absent parents."

-Arienne Mandi will play Dani Nùñez, “a powerful and calculating PR executive whose ambition is only tested by her conscience.”
- Jacqueline Toboni will play Sara "a charming but unfocused assistant who struggles to reconcile her sexual orientation with her religious upbringing.”
-Rosanny Zayas will play Sophie, “a TV producer who guards her heart and is quick to put other people’s needs before her own.”
-Leo Sheng will play Micah Lee, a trans guy and “an earnest, soft-spoken adjunct professor who is forced to confront his fear of vulnerability.”

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There has been more casting news that just what was included but it's honestly so much Idk how they're going to fit all these people into 8 episodes lol.
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