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The View: Bill de Blasio, Hot Topics, End of S22

Today’s panel is Joy, Ana, Sunny, and Meghan

Bill de Blasio Talks His Campaign

First two clips are only Bill de Blasio, third clip his wife joins.

Summary of his convo [Spoiler (click to open)]
Joy wonders why Bill de Blasio (BdB) attacked Uncle Joe instead of Benedict Donald. BdB explains himself*. Talks about the status quo isn’t working. Dems need to be able to show, and be blunt about, the money is often in the wrong hands. Sunny talks about BdB accomplishments, but quotes his mediocre approval, wonders why it isn’t higher. BdB talks about this and that. Joy talks about how diverse NYC is, and thinks it’s run beautifully. BdB elaborates, talks more about his accomplishments, making NYC safer.

Mam said he was criticized for campaigning in Iowa during blackout. BdB explains he was already in IA before the blackout, the blackout hadn’t happened in 13 yrs, no anticipation a blackout would happen, explains how phone calls work. (Lol). Ana asks about Cuba (honeymoon), Nicaragua, Venezuela, asks about socialist claims. BdB said he went there on his honeymoon because it’s a beautiful country, explains his position, separates what he thinks about how their governments are run. Says Tr/mp will spout socialism no matter what he or other candidates say or do, it’s Tr/mp’s opposition mantra. Mam comes back to her blackout topic [which was dumb?] and already resolved. BdB asks, Was the situation handled, yes-no.

Wife Chirlane McCray joins him, they just celebrated 25 years anniversary, shows wedding photo. Sunny asks how she handles the remarks, criticism. Chirlane thinks people need to get to know him, she says nice wife-y things about her husband. Ana wondered how long she made him chase her. He said love at first sight for him, but it wasn’t for her. They talk lovey courtship, hold hands. Mam wonders how it is for her, that it's harder to be spouse of politician than the politician sometimes. Chirlane says constructive criticism is helpful, but you tune out the rest of the noise. Joy reminds BdB said Tr/mp wasn’t welcome back in NYC. How’s he going to keep him out?!

Hot Topic Do You Fake it in Bed

Clap if you’ve ever faked it in bed. Joy learned backstage that men fake it too. A study said 75% of women faked it. Joy rings a bell every time she says orgasm. Usually 1 out of every 3x, but less likely if woman says she’s a feminist. Ana is leaving on a plane for her honeymoon, won’t answer. Sunny says she’s a feminist lol. Says you have to talk before during after, you deserve what you deserve. Mam won’t talk about sex life on tv. Fake it or not but won’t talk about her sex life. Joy says it’s easier if you’re bored, to fall asleep. Ana is going on safari for her honeymoon. Sunny wants to tag-a-long, wants to meet up with them. Sunny then says she saw agenda, they’re going diving with sharks, um nope! Wonders how sharks fit with safari. Mam went to Montana for honeymoon, can’t relate.

Hot Topic What Candidate Has Momentum 15 Months Before Election

Bernie clip. Joy reminds that except for Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton there hasn’t been so many high profile women in the campaign [there were a few others bloop, but not this many, with current level of media focus]. Sunny talks about energizing the 100M eligible non-voters. Sunny brings up Biden’s message that we’re fighting for the soul of this nation. Elaborates on the dichotomy of now vs what we want. Mam suggests Sunny should open for these candidates, re/how Sunny articulated the message. Joy said she was excited about JFK and Obama. Ana reminds we’re so early, still in the primaries. Excitement will grow when field gets smaller and candidate is decided. Ana talks about Kamala, Mayor Pete, Biden. Mam talks about Elizabeth and the excitement from the audience when Warren came on the show. Joy wonders who can go against Tr/mp, she says he’s bigger and dumber than everybody. Ana said all the Dems would be better in a debate as far as knowledge. Mam says Biden would filet him. Says Tr/mp is not a compelling debater, but he lost all his debates, so that doesn’t matter with him. They talk about previous campaigns, who leads at any given time, vs who becomes the nominee.

Hot Topic Meghan McCain Has an Audio Book

Buutttt, it’s not coming out until the spring, so idky it was mentioned today

Mam has sold a new book to Audible that talks about why she’s a conservative, why she’s a Republican, because a lot of conservatives have abandoned being conservative for Tr/mpism. She listens to audio books all the time while doing xyz. Thinks there is still something for the rest (not MAGA, not Dem converts).

She’s prompted by a producer in the next segment, to clarify the new book doesn’t get released until the spring.

Hot Topic How Far Away Do You Need Your In-Laws To Be

Survey said adults want in-laws to be 15-45 mins away from where they live. Joy’s in-laws are gone, but she’d want a lot of space. Same with Ana. Mam likes her in-laws. Sunny says her mother lives with her, best buddies with her husband. Her in-laws lived with them temporarily during a move, she loved it. Talks about the family time. Mam talks about her blended family, My Father™ was married 2x, she has full siblings, half siblings, all their children, she loves it. [Looool tbf the ™ reference was low key]

Hot Topic The View is Proud of Season 22

A montage clip for S22. Abby who?

Mam My Father™ count = 1 (In-law section hahaha)

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