Facing Extradition, Roman Polanski Will Skype Into Venice Film Festival Premiere

Roman Polanski’s 'An Officer and a Spy' is heading to the Venice Film Festival.
There’s little chance he will hit the red carpet in support.
The United States and Italy signed an extradition treaty in 1983.
Polanski, who was convicted of statutory rape in 1978, would be arrested and likely sent back to the U.S. if he steps foot on Italian soil.

The Venice fest is a case of déjà vu for Polanski.
In 2009, Swiss officials arrested him at the behest of U.S. authorities while Polanski was in the country to attend the Zurich Film Festival.
That move sparked an outcry, Weinstein spearheaded a petition signed by everyone.

It is unlikely that such petition would surface in the post-#MeToo era.