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Billie Eilish covers Rolling Stone

  • On touring:

  • She has a love-hate relationship with touring. Her entire family is also on the road with her, and she hates being away from her friends for so long. So much so, that she splurged and chartered a 'friends bus', claims it helps her to cope with the anxiety that comes with touring. Some of her friends come and hang out with her for weeks.

    Her first tour was two years ago: with six people in a van — Eilish, her parents and brother, Marquis, and a merch person. Their hotel budget was $100 a night; Eilish and the family usually shared a single room, and frequently one bed. She recalls it as miserable.

    However, cool things do happen to her on tour - Dave Grohl, Billie Joe Armstrong, Thom Yorke have all visited her backstage, where Thom Yorke said she was the only person who's doing anything fucking interesting at the moment.

  • On mental health and depression:

  • Early on as a child, she was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, which manifests itself in certain ticks, but she's usually able to suppress them. She also experiences synesthesia, a neurosensory wire-crossing in which senses seem to blend together. She says every person has their own color and shape and number in her head. Her brother is an orange triangle, although the name “Finneas” is dark green. Her song “Bad Guy” “is yellow, but also red, and the number seven,”. “It’s not hot, but warm, like an oven. And it smells like cookies.”

    She recalls the years 13-16 being extremely tough, even though that's essentially where her career picked off with Ocean Eyes. She joined a competitive dance company at the age of 12, where she recalls being very insecure and developing body dysmorphia.

    Then she injured her hip which led to her quitting dancing - where her depression also started. She says she used to self harm because she thought she deserved to be in pain, but she's doing a lot better now, and hasn't felt depressed lately. She also says she went to therapy and keeps telling her fans to be nice to themselves.

    Was a nice interview, albeit a bit too forced at times. Are you buying into her ONTD ?
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