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‘It: Chapter Two’ roundup: new featurette, new posters & more

• Tickets for It: Chapter Two went on sale today and to announce it, WB and Fandango released a new feautrette.

• Features soundbites from Stephen King, director Andy Muschietti, Bill Skasgard, and the rest of the cast.

• Offers viewers a sneak peek at scenes flashing back to the summer of 1989 with the cast from the 2017 film, teases new scares, and gives us our first look at a grown up Stanley Uris getting that phone call.

• The film's official Instagram also shared two new posters for the IMAX and Dolby release of the film.

• IMAX poster

• Dolby Poster

• Much like the Neibolt House experience from 2017, The Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse will be set up on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, and will be free to everyone 18 and over.

• There will be carnival games and a replica of the funhouse that is featured in the new movie.

• Reservations are now open, but walk ups are welcome as well and it'll be around from August 15 to September 8.

the first film will be rereleased in some areas this weekend with 10 minutes of new footage from the sequel running at the end. are you ready to go back to derry?

fandango tweet/imax poster/dolby poster/canal days post/gif
Tags: bill hader, film - horror, film trailer / stills / clips, james mcavoy, jessica chastain, stephen king

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