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New Couple Alert? Lena Dunham Awkwardly Kisses Brad Pitt on Red Carpet

Lena Dunham went in for a friendly cheek kiss when greeting Brad Pitt on the red carpet of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," in which Pitt stars and Dunham appears, and the New York Post selected the most awkward photo of the interaction to showcase to the world. So, obviously, I had to make a very serious post about it.

Lena took to Twitter to promote "OUATIH" by shouting out mumus, serial killer cults and "flirting" with Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt took a break from shit talking Angelina Jolie (and not being allowed to be alone with his children) earlier this year to drop by Lena Dunham's birthday party which Dunham commemorated on her Instagram.


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ONTD, do you ship Brad & Lena? Do you have a sense of humor? What unholy pairing would you love to see?
Tags: brad pitt, lena dunham, pr couple, quentin tarantino, who asked for this

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