Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" made $41 million and jury decided Flame is owed $2.78 million

After the jury decision that the creators of Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" stole from Christian rapper Flame's song "Joyful Noise", the jury had to deliberate and decide how much he is owed in damages.

Katy Perry reportedly earned $3.2 million for the song and incurred $800,000 in expenses and both parties agreed that the maximum she might have to pay personally is her $2.4 million profit from the song.

Flame's lawyers claimed that the label earned $31 million from the song and the sales of her album Prism which were aided by the success of "Dark Horse".

Capitol Records claimed that "Dark Horse" made $12 million but they spent $11.7 million to produce, promote, and distribute the song so after expenses they were left with only $630,000.

The songwriters collectively earned $10 million before expenses. Max Martin reportedly earned $1.2 million, alleged rapist Dr. Luke earned $347,000, and Cirkut earned $826,000.

Flame's lawyer obviously objected to a lot of the interesting math being done by the record label and argued that his clients should be paid $20 million.

This afternoon the jury decided that they owe $2.78 million to Flame and his codefendants and Katy Perry is personally responsible for $550,000.