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I live, I die, I live again

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is Electing a New President

Current president John Bailey, who is only slightly more competent than the POTUS, is not re-running for the position for now, based upon convoluted rulees about serving on the board for a total of 9 years.

His successors have been narrowed down to two individuals for certain - David Rubin of the Casting branch (Who ran against Baily) and Lois Burwell of the Makeup and Hairstyling branch.

Burwell would be the first actual Oscar winner to take on the presidency since Frank Pierson (2001-2005), while Rubin would be the first Casting Director ro lead.

The new president will pick a producer for the 92nd Oscar ceremony next Feb. 9th, give more lip service to diversity and inclusion in the Academy, and preside of the opening of the Museum of Motion Pictures (if it ever does open).

Tags: award show - academy awards
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