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The View: Tom Steyer, Jerry O'Connell, Hot Topics

Today’s panel is all five Whoopi, Ana, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan.

Tom Steyer Talks Campaign and He Wants to Impeach Racist in Chief

Summary of his convo [Spoiler (click to open)]
Steyer biggest takeaway of last 2 nights, everyone was a million times better than Racist in Chief. Wonders if they’re talking about the right topics, doesn’t like the corporate takeover of America. Whoopi brings up Yang. Steyer says he’s been going to grassroots for last 10 yrs and taking power to the people, for healthcare reform, green new deal, etc. Ana talks about his back n forth. Ana wonders why he changed his mind about running. He doesn’t think we’re dealing with the 2 real issues – corporate stranglehold and stabilize climate. If we do those two things, that gives ability to deliver a better life for Americans in other categories. Whoopi talks about the big corps, paying their fair share (she is all about her money!!). Steyer talks taxes.

Joy wonders how he gets that point across to Tr/mp supporters. Mam is really rude, compares him to Starbucks guy, says he doesn’t know anything about government or military, she goes off yikes. He handles her verbal attack like the child that she is. Sunny chimes in that he gave $100M into 2018 election, which helped with the Dem wins. He talks youth voter mobilization, voter turnout went from 18-41%, flipped 33 of 38 seats. Mam doesn’t understand why he’s running, vs just giving his money to candidates. [Her premise is fair, but her delivery is churlish]. Sunny wonders as well, but poses it as a grown up. He says he’s going to continue the grassroots organization in 2020 regardless of his campaign.

Joy brings up his ads to impeach Racist in Chief. They delve into this topic. Steyer talks his petition from 2 yrs ago, which 8M Americans have signed so far. Joy concedes there’s a moral argument, but what’s the pragmatic argument. Steyer talks about doing the right thing. He always said don’t wait for Mueller, it was already public, we knew Racist in Chief was corrupt (true). Cancel the Congress break, hold televised hearings, get truth out to the public, let the people decide. Ana reminds that it’s the Senate who won’t remove. Steyer feels if enough constituents rise up, the Senators will have to come around. Sunny says let Tr/mp run for re-election while he’s facing impeachment. Steyer’s dad from Brooklyn, a lawyer, took time off to be in the Navy during WWII, prosecuted the N/zis. You step up and do what’s right. The ladies overtalk, Steyer reminds that 80% of Americans feel that government has failed, low voter turnout, no one tells the truth. Mam somehow translates this to him buying the Oval Office (with his money).

Short version, whether you watch or read summary, know that Mam is a petulant child today. Her behavior is so immature in her delivery and disrespectful in how she speaks to people. Egads.

Hot Topic The Really Horrible Awful CNN Debate Night 2

Whoopi opens that there was a giant target on Biden

Google search winner: Tulsi Gabbard

In general summary order by panelist:
Ana says Biden took it well and held his own, liked that it was feisty but no name calling or petty cracks (eg little hands, re/GOP debates). Feels Biden was vetted well in this debate. Worries about the Jill Stein factor. Doesn’t like Gabbard on foreign policy, thinks she’s a good person, but sees a lot of traffic generated about her. Ana and Mam bicker about Gabbard.
Joy says it was only pretty good but not great, why go after Uncle Joe instead of more attacking of Racist in Chief. People know Biden has a long record in politics but like him anyway.
Sunny says she liked the vigorous debate, everyone has a track record, thought some attacks were unfair (Gillibrand vs Biden, shows tweet where she praised Biden for his work on violence against women, which contradicted her remark last night). Sunny went after Gillibrand for her tactic, lying on debate stage, said that was wrong to do. She didn’t think Kamala did well last night. Liked Gabbard overall performance, but thinks she’s a trojan horse.
Mam says Biden handled it well, put her (Gillibrand) in the ground. Wondered why they went after Obama, very popular, great record, will need him (and Michelle) on campaign trail. She didn’t like Inslee, Castro last night. Enjoyed Gabbard going after Kamala. She wants to see Warren and Biden go head to head. Liked Gabbard performance. Comes back to Gabbard and explains why she likes her.
Whoopi says she never heard the koolaid joke but wondered why they wasted time going after Biden instead of what they’re going to do. Didn’t have a favorite but felt Yang stayed on point. Brings up her money. She goes on a tangent about Native Americans, and corporations paying taxes.

The third clip abruptly ends because of Ana and Mam bickering loooool.

Jerry O’Connell Has a Daytime Show

Jerry was the chubby boy on Stand By Me and married above his class to model Rebecca Romijn. He was in Heartbreaker music video by Mariah Carey (20 years ago!). Thought he had a shot with her, but her bf Luis Miguel showed up. He’s a Bravo-holics. Jerry and Mam talk about RH shows.

He’s been married 12 yrs, talks about sleeping separately, snoring. Awkward and not really funny banter. The Jerry O’! show will be on Faux TV. Wendy Williams is his show ‘boss’. Talks about how the show format will work. It won’t be another The View, no politics. They talk about Wendy. Sunny was a legal eagle on her radio show. Twin daughters are 10 yrs old, shows photo. One (Dolly) is named after Dolly Parton. Gossips a wee bit about kids.

Next Democratic Debates are Sept 12-13 hosted by ABC and Univision in Houston, Texas. Max 20 candidates, who have until 28 August to meet the new criteria. Details added in comments.

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