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The View: Missing Woman Spotlight, Debate Night 1 Debrief, Hot Topics

Today’s panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan.

Have You Seen This Woman

Spotlight on woman Akia Eggleston, missing since May 2017. Over 230K individuals reported missing yearly, nearly 75% under age 18. Some missing persons get a lot of press coverage, others get none at all. Father of missing daughter speaks. Says he’s looking for 2 people, his daughter, and her son who would’ve been born by now. She was 8 mos pregnant with high risk breach and nearly on bedrest when she went missing, then she didn’t show for baby shower, nor pick up her other daughter. Father talks about the sequence and circumstances of when she went missing, efforts to find her. Also on panel, the co-founders of Black and Missing. Most children reported missing are classified as a runaway or labeled as being involved in criminal activity.

Sunny reads partial legal statement from Baltimore police department. Father elaborates on difficulties with communication with police department. Mam reminds that he’s a veteran.

Here's a tweet you can pass on (source):

The Awful CNN Debate Night 1Collapse )

Hot Topic Becoming a Criminal To Get Your Kid Into CollegeCollapse )

Hot Topic Do You Steal Stuff Like Shampoo or Televisions From Hotel RoomsCollapse )

ABC Linsey Davis Talks Children’s BookCollapse )

CNN Debate Night 2 is tonight @ 8PM. I’ll submit a LIVE VIEWING post.

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