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The View: Missing Woman Spotlight, Debate Night 1 Debrief, Hot Topics

Today’s panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan.

Have You Seen This Woman

Spotlight on woman Akia Eggleston, missing since May 2017. Over 230K individuals reported missing yearly, nearly 75% under age 18. Some missing persons get a lot of press coverage, others get none at all. Father of missing daughter speaks. Says he’s looking for 2 people, his daughter, and her son who would’ve been born by now. She was 8 mos pregnant with high risk breach and nearly on bedrest when she went missing, then she didn’t show for baby shower, nor pick up her other daughter. Father talks about the sequence and circumstances of when she went missing, efforts to find her. Also on panel, the co-founders of Black and Missing. Most children reported missing are classified as a runaway or labeled as being involved in criminal activity.

Sunny reads partial legal statement from Baltimore police department. Father elaborates on difficulties with communication with police department. Mam reminds that he’s a veteran.

Here's a tweet you can pass on (source):

Hot Topic The Awful CNN Debate Night 1

[Plays clip] Mayor Pete: It’s time to stop worrying about what the Republicans will say. Yeah, true.

Google search winner:
After the debate, Marianne is most searched in every state except Montana (where Bullock topped searches)

First two clips in [general] summary order by panelist:
Joy says Biden won even tho he wasn’t there (because he's moderate). She likes Warren and will vote for any functioning adult. But people don’t want to give up their private insurance. Later, Joy didn’t like Mayor Pete with his age comment.
Sunny agrees with Joy on healthcare. Americans should be given a choice. Being moderate isn’t an issue for this topic. Republicans just want to take healthcare away. Anything progressing healthcare at all will be a win for Democrats. Thinks Warren, Sanders, and Williamson had a good night.
Mam thinks Williamson was entertaining. Thought Klobuchar and Beto needed to deliver but didn’t. She didn’t like Mayor Pete saying all Republicans call Democrats “socialists”. Thought Warren was brilliant in being able to stay on topic. Mam wondered why Delaney got so much air time (DIDN’T WE ALL).
Whoopi calls out ageism again. (she had a little more to say but mostly moderated the first two portions).

Last clip,
Panel discusses the failure of debate format and tactics, 10 hrs per month investment, some need to drop (they will). Sunny says 8 candidates have qualified for September (note: they have until August 28 to meet next debate qualifications). Whoopi brings up Yang, more tax on corporations to fund social programs. Panel covers more discussion in general about DNC platform.

Hot Topic Becoming a Criminal To Get Your Kid Into College

Wall Street Journal and Propublica both did investigations.
Parents are giving up custody of teenagers to qualify for financial aid. Is it cheating? Yes of course it is. People are becoming criminals to get their kids into schools. Sunny says parents just want their kids to get a good education but not be crippled with debt. Parents aren’t low income enough to qualify for aid but don’t make enough to pay for high cost of university. Mam talks about people who serve in the military then go to school, so the scammers offend her. [alleged] Ped0phile Epstein was a professor at Dalton but didn’t have a degree himself. The world is crazy.

Hot Topic Do You Steal Stuff Like Shampoo or Televisions From Hotel Rooms

People steal the craziest stuff from hotels. They play a video clip. Hotel released a guide, what you can take, versus what is stealing. Joy says Barbara Walters used to steal from the WH all the time bloop 😲. Little chachkies with the seal. Most of the panel takes the hand cream and pens, small things that are meant for per-guest use. Mam doesn’t take stuff but doesn’t judge. She doesn’t care about the little things but it ought to be obvious not to take the electronics. Mam says always tip your housekeepers. Joy reminds that valets and baggage help get tips, but not the women who clean the rooms. Sunny says do it every day, because the cleaning staff rotates out, it’s not always the same person for your whole stay.

Hot Topic ABC Linsey Davis Talks Children’s Book

Idk her but she’s pretty. Linsey Davis who is on ABC, has a book One Big Heart: A Celebration of Being More Alike than Different, co-written by Davis and her mom. It’s a children’s book, but is useful for adults, too. Davis and the panel discusses diversity. Sunny also talks about Davis 2015 interview with Bill Cosby; Davis wonders if conviction can be overturned, explains the reason it might happen (ruh roh).

CNN Debate Night 2 is tonight @ 8PM. I’ll submit a LIVE VIEWING post.

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