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A Look at RL Stine's Slasher Series Fear Street

* perfect for kids too old for Goosebumps and too young for Stephen King

* Fear Street books, despite "their soapy dialogue and ramshackle plotting, delivered on death."

* Stine wasn't just into gruesome deaths (hello, Bobbie getting boiled alive in The First Evil), he was also just plain weird. As evidenced by a shark vs dog fight in Sunburn.

* the appeal is easy to see: short, straightforward, teenage themes, wacky. a sharp contrast to the recent YA dystopia trend.

* trilogy of Fear Street movies are set to be released in "close proximity" to each other. But can soapy teen horror hold its own against art-house horror like Midsommar or Jordan Peele movies?

* Lindsay Katai and Kelly Nugent of the Teen Creeps podcast are also interviewed. I HIGHLY recommend their show especially the episode where they interview author Grady Hendrix (My Best Friend's Exorcism, Paperbacks from Hell) about YA horror.

Teen Creeps

ONTD, are you a fan of retro teen horror? Did you read Fear Street? Did you eventually graduate to Christopher Pike books or were you a dweeb like me who found them too SCANDALOUS?
Tags: 1980s, 1990s, books / authors, film - horror, jordan peele, nostalgia, podcasts

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