Naomi Osaka"It's either be the best or be homeless" Allure magazine

-When asked about what country she would play for in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo-" Definitely my intention is to play for Japan"

-Asked if she would give up her American passport- Osaka, " You know what's more interesting? If I don't tell you , and I just, like, shock you".

-Osaka doesn't think the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is scary and that it is all about perception.

-Osaka" There's a certain point where talent is not useful anymore and from there you just have to want to win more than everyone else. My parents were not the richest, so what am I going to do? I'm not the smartest. I've been playing tennis my whole life you know? So there is nothing I can imagine myself doing. It's either I have to be the best or I'm going to be homeless".

- On if the path to tennis was decided for her- She balks. "By who? My parents or something. I think in the beginning yes, for sure, but as I grew up, you know I started thinking that these dreams , they're things that I really want to accomplish. So yeah, I think it was more of a push".

- Osaka's current beauty obsession is BareMinerall Bare Pro Performance. Wear Liquid foundation. It has the perfect matte finish.