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Riverdale Roundup: New Teacher Cast, Return of an Alter Ego, and More

It had been mentioned that Jughead would be getting a different change of scenery, and a casting announcement has been made to reflect that. Sam Witwer will be joining the cast as Mr. Chipping, a lecturer at an upper-crust prep school that Jughead attends on scholarship. According to the CW's casting description, he is “Handsome, bookish and cool, Mr. Chipping teaches creative writing at a prestigious prep school near Riverdale. He recruits Jughead for his seminar, and while he’s eminently inspiring to his students, there’s a darkness hidden far beneath the surface.” Because it wouldn't be Riverdale without a character having a ~~darkness to them.

This fancy uppercrust school will reportedly be Stonewall Prep, a rival of Riverdale High. Apparently a football game will happen between the two schools.
It looks like Monica Posh, Veronica's alias when trying to be in disguise, will be making a return.

Also, if you're interested in Camila's reproductive shirt, it's sold out

Trinity Likins (Jellybean Jones) did two photoshoots with Seventeen and Rogue Magazine



Memories of Luke from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

One of the young actress in Tarantino's latest film recalls a kind thing Luke did for her when they were both on set. Between takes, Butters was writing her own script when a gust of wind scattered the pages across the Universal Studios lot.

"Luke Perry just ran all over that set, catching the pages and collecting them. He put them in order and he stacked them up nicely."

A costume designer from the film also remembers her time with Luke on the set


Drew was cast in a Netflix Original Movie along with Jordan Fisher and Michelle Buteau. They join a cast of Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy, and Keiynan Lonsdale

The film follows Carpenter's character, Quinn Ackerman, whose college admission depends on her performance at a dance competition. So she forms an unconventional group of dancers to take on the best squad in school. And APPARENTLY SHE ALSO NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO DANCE

still shaking off my Riverdale cobwebs
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