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The View: Idris Elba, Hot Topics

Today’s panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan.

Idris Elba is So Fine

Idris Elba is hot. You can just stare at him if you don’t want to listen or read the recap. The panel talks about his year, his marriage. His British accent is delicious. Talks about where he and his wife met. Sunny likes to touch him. Whoopi hung out with him the last time she was in London. Mam mentions that his daughter was the 2019 Golden Globe Ambassador (shows photo). Said he watched her the whole night, she’s not shy but she hadn’t done anything like that. He’s in a new film, spinoff to Fast and Furious. He plays the villain in Hobbs and Shaw. Also stars The Rock, Jason Statham, Helen Mirren, and Vanessa Kirby (The Crown, MI Fallout). Plays clip. Sunny wanted an origin story. He’s also in the horrifying nightmare inducing Cats. Mam asked if he was surprised at the reaction that the trailer got. Looool. They were delicate about it.

Hot Topic Old Town Road is Better Than Your Faves

See post here from babarsuhail

Old Town Road broke the record for longest running No.1 single on Billboard, not hurt by Lil Nas X coming out, or whether it’s a real country song or not. Every new mix is a great bop.

Hot Topic Democratic Debate Strategies

Rahm Immanuel, who strategized Obama WH win, said Democratic candidates need to appeal to moderates or risk Tr/mp getting re-elected re-appointed. Biden polls have returned to pre-debate1 levels, indicating electorate interest in his moderate approach focus on general election strategy. Sunny thinks candidates who don’t have big moments will be gone by the next debate, which has more strict criteria. Mam talks about Rahm’s advice, goes after Kamala again. Joy said WHITE+BLUE COLLAR WOMEN have turned on Racist in Chief, only polling 15% in this demo. Whoopi thinks, they’ve seen the light economically (or maybe realized they should love themselves more). Sunny thinks they’re thinking rising costs in housing, healthcare, thought he’d do better, but obviously he’s a trainwreck failure. Joy reminds the people who benefitted from his tax plan were only the uber wealthy.

Whoopi thinks the economy is being interpreted the wrong way, a high stock market doesn’t resonate with low-middle income people who don’t have healthy pensions or own stocks. Mam talks about Yang, diverts to male circumcision (ok). Whoopi reminds Yang wants to tax giant corporations in a different way, then use that to pay for all the social programs including base income (like in Alaska). Mam thinks Gabbard is also one to watch.

Hot Topic Today in Racist in Chief

Earlier this year, Cummings defended his friend Rep Mark Meadows, against claim of racism. Meadows, who is a racist coward, stayed quiet, until he was forced to release a [pointless lame] statement in Cummings defense.

Meadows said that he knows Tr/mp and is friends with Cummings and that neither are racist [because ok sure loser from my 3rd state of NC]. Joy talks racism and bigotry and the black community, quotes dictionary. Joy and Sunny both talk that Democrats should keep in the forefront that Tr/mp is a racist. When you don’t speak out, you are complicit. It’s a moral choice, people need to step up and speak up. The panel continues to vent about racism and the people who enable. Racist in Chief said openly that his racism works for his racist base.

Hot Topic #LostTrumpHistory

Yesterday Racist in Chief signed the extension of 911 survivors fund, which ensures medical coverage for all first responders for the next 70 years. More importantly, that f/cker said I was down there also, but I’m not considering myself a first responder, but I was down there with you. Mood: Rage Against the Machine. His lies are so insane. Tr/mp was never there. But guess who was, the actual elected president in 2016 (shows photo). This tweet sums it up Source

For kicks and giggles check #LostTrumpHistory on twitter

Hot Topic Putin Poisons Another Opponent

Louder for those in the back RUSSIA IS NOT OUR FRIEND. Once again, Putin has poisoned a opponent or critic of his. He survived, unlike others who suffered death. Mam says a bunch of stuff about it, plus others who have been poisoned over the years.

Fun fact, I was over there when this guy died after eating poisoned sushi. I’ve also eaten at that sushi bar but alas I did not die because I’m not a Russian spy. You can include it in my obit.

Hot Topic Nene Leakes RHOA Husband Blames Women for Bad Men Behavior

Nene from RHOA and her husband were talking, he says the reason men cheat is because something the woman isn’t doing right. Mam wants that taken out back and put down like Ole Yeller. Joy says women cheat, maybe that they’re not interested in the man. Mam and Whoopi say every relationship is different, people cheat because they cheat. Sunny quotes a poll that says women cheat when they’re not getting fulfillment they need, men cheat because they’re looking for someone more attractive.

I’ll submit a LIVE VIEWING post for tonight’s debate after 7PM

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