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Brooks Laich Opens Up About Wife Julianne Hough Not Taking His Last Name: “It Was a Little Jarring”

Julianne Hough’s husband Brooks Laich is opening up about his marriage. On the latest episode of his iHeart Radio podcast, How Men Think, the hockey player spoke about his wife’s choice not to take his last name.

“I don’t find it disrespectful. I’m obviously open to it, but at the start, yeah, it was a little jarring for me.” He continued saying, “When we first met and got engaged and stuff, we had this conversation and I was like, ‘I want you to take my last name.’ I said that. It was important to me.”

He says that ultimately they couldn’t come to an agreement and just got married. Laich says that because the couple don’t have any children at the moment, it’s not that big of an issue right now.

“When we have children, I would want them to have my last name, our last,” he adds.

Laich suggested that his kids either take his last name or a combination of his and Hough’s. “I’m actually kind of surprised that it hasn’t become an issue in our relationship because I do, as a man, I take pride in the last name and being, having that last name as the family name and especially when we have kids, I think that will amplify,” he said.

Laich then says that “it’ll always be an ongoing discussion” but that “I’m not going to make my wife change her last name if she doesn’t feel comfortable,” adding that he doesn’t believe that this issue “creates a division within our relationship.”

Despite trying to be understanding and saying all of this, he adds, “To be fully honest, I would like my wife to have my last name, whether it's now or sometime in the near future or far future.”

ONTD, are you keeping your last name?

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