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ONTD Original: Things you probably didn't notice until the 'Avengers Endgame' digital release.

Howard the Duck and the Ravegers join The Avengers.
You can even see Contraxia, the planet of the ravegers far away in the portal.

Clint is on house arrest.
You can see he's wearing an ankle bracelet, like the one Scott was using after Civil War.

Lilah dissappears during the snap.
You can see tiny bits of dust when Clint turns around.

Gratuitous America's Ass shot #1.

Tony lost a lot of weight.
After being so many days lost in space he lost a ton of weight, bordering instagram influencer weight.

Gratuitous America's Ass shot #2.

The universe in Cap's eye.
When Cap sees the universe for the first time it reflects on his eye, it's a cool shot telling you the kid from Brooklyn has come a long way.

Where are the particles?
At the end of Ant-man and the Wasp, Scott took some particles from the Quantum Realm to help Ghost, but when he returns he doesn't have them.

The Hulk eats a lot.
Like, is that all just for you?.

Hulk's CGI is amazing.
You can tell it's Ruffalo, and he has his white hairs, the shape of the lips and the nose, even the beard and the chest hair.

Gratuitous America's Ass shot #3.

Lamest tacos ever.
Just cheese, lettuce and tomato? Where's the avocado?!  where's the protein?!

Hulk weights a lot.
When the truck takes Rocket and Hulk to New Asgard, it causes sparkles cause Hulk is too heavy for the truck.

A Drink for the winners.
After winning the fight against the Chitauri and inprisoning Loki, Clint gets a drink for him and for Nat.

Gratuitous America's Ass shot #4.

The ancient one is a show off.
So her timeline thingy goes all the way to the city, why?!

Thor protects Rabbit from the snap.
i just thought it was cute..

Hulk grabs Caps arm cause he can't grab his hand.
After the snap, since Cap's hand is too small, he grabs his arm.

Antman survived the bombing cause he became small.
You can see him shrink in a blink and you miss it shot.

Thor got a makeover.
When he called the thunder and his armour his beard also got a makeover... idk why.

Cap v.s. Thanos
I just think this is going to be my neew wallpaper.

You can thank Wong for the Portals scene.
So, the portals opened from different locations, Wakanda, New Asgard, Titan, Contraxia, Kamar-taj, etc.

But if you take a good look, almost all portals were opened by some of Kamar-taj disciples, probably led by Wong, cause we don't know if he got snapped or not.

That's why Doctor Strange asks Wong: "Is that everyone?". He led the troops.

Now, some cool fight shots...

Spiderman swings from Antman's Fist.

Cap throws Mjolnir in front of the line.

Wasp was in front of the line, she grows just for a bit of the fight.

M'baku is there as well.

Hulk is throwing people around.

Pepper takes down some of the ships from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

Manthis fights by sleeping the big dog alien creatures.

Rocket fights with Groot, and he still uses the same technique from GotG Vol. 1.

Thanos has armpit hair.
idk, i'm surprised by the amount of detail.

The Chiaturi ships from the Battle of NY are there too.

Saw this in a tweet...
But no matter how high i would've gotten, i never would've imagined Spiderman using his Iron Spider suit to carry the infinity Gauntlet while riding a pegasus with a lesbian alcoholic Valkyrie during a laser rain.

Peter lost the Iron Spider legs during the laser rain.

The rain also got Bucky and Drax.

...and Korg and Miek.

War Machine saved the Hulk from another one.

Giantman fights by sending the space whales through the Portals.

i think Captain Marvel was trying to draw the Avengers logo through her arrival.

Shuri, Rescue and Wasp actually managed to take down Thanos by themselves.

Tony's injuries were a lot worse.
A good chuck of his face is burnt, and his ear has melted with his head, the blast was so strong that it burnt his skin and probably part of his brain, his eye is also bleeding

Gratuitous America's Ass shot #5.

Source: Me and my copy of "Avengers Endgame".

ONTD, any details you missed?
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