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Megan McCain "I love Biden in a way that I loved my father" "Elle"

Megan McCain's personal bond with Joe Biden leaves her in the precarious position of being a Republican mulling the prospect of formally endorsing a Democrat. “Even if I did endorse him, it would hurt him. I love Biden in a way that I loved my father.”

— ELLE Magazine (US) (@ELLEmagazine) July 25, 2019

-Meghan McCain did an interview for"Elle" magazine.

McCain- The audience of "The View" boos me. It's a very liberal audience and they are very vocal. People are always looking to turn you into something".

-McCain- "The explosion in the culture war, has made me more conservetive. No Republican is good enough for a certain group of people. All Republicans are evil to a certain segmant in the media and you become more tribal and territorial of your people and what you represent.

- Joe Liberman on McCain-" She speaks with a kind of intensity and while she is not a troll, she's built a career playing the role of the token deployed to rile up leftist".

-McCain""If I were sitting on Fox , I'd be considered leftist".

- Van Jones on McCain-"You can't take your eyes off her because she's authentic. She's really being herself".

-McCain tries not to read Twitter too much. "I think that when you read enough criticism , you start censoring yourself. Success is not censoring myself".

-When " The View " came calling in 2017, McCain did not think much of it." I didn't take the offer seriously because no shade to the show, It wasn't the show I wanted to work on. A carousal of people going on and off, It didn't seem to have a lot of direction". Her father advised her to take the job. "He said" You can't ever give up the opportunity to work with Whoopi Goldberg".

-McCain on her role on "The View". " My presence on the show has been nobody's going to bully or talk down to me or going to pull the kind of s**t that's been pulled on a lot of people in this chair". Later on in the conversation."I should be better at being less reactive".

- On her "Late Night with Seth Myers" appearance"I thought it was going to be fun and what you expect a late night show to be. The way he talked to me can speak for itself, but I'm not a snowflake and I'm not precious. I can take it". She says Jay Leno's show was "kind and open".

On Myers-" I don' t know if he could have gotten away with speaking to a liberal woman the way he spoke to me. I don' think he wanted to have a conversation, I think he just wanted to lecture me.( McCain was givin a pre interview where the talking points were presented)

- On her husbands reaction to the interview"I will say I was asleep when he tweeted. I don't think it's productive to go on a tweet storm, but we love each other very much".

- On her role on the right on tv." I understand it's very jarring to be confronted by a woman like me who represents so many things people don't agree with and the problem is there is only one of me!

-McCain says her concern over Anti- Semitism intensified around the time of the Women's March when one of the event's co -chairs refused to condem Louis Farakhan.

- McCain said in part that Omar was traffickings Anti-Semitic language with a tweet about " All about the Benjiman's"about Israel that some took as Ant-Semitic. People condemned McCain for likening a mass shooting to a couple of insensitive tweets.

- McCain-"I wasn't suprised. Bigotry is called out on my side, as it should be. The alt- right is disgusting. I think they are very dangerous. But I don't understand why someone like Omar should get a pass. I stand by everything I said".

-McCain" She (Omar)doesn't scare me. I actually would love if she came on the show"

-McCain on the 2020 Democratic runners- "My husband amd I woke up and talked about Pete Buttigieg and we spent 15 or 20 minutes talking about how why he's resonating and if he's taking votes away from Beto or Booker".Elle mentions that Buttigieg's spokesperson , Lis Smith said he might be taking some campaign strategies from her father's playbook." She said that"? McCain squeals. McCain" I have to look that up. He's a great candidate in a lot of diffrent ways. I like that he's talking to the middle of the country and talking about religion. It's fascinating that we are having a conversation about him as a white male and compleatly leaving out the fact that he is gay".

-McCain on being a gay advocate- "I think a lot of activism stems from love".( the magazine spoke with, as they put it, McCains longtime gay best friend, Josh Rupley who gives her this pep talk when negativity hits" Bitch you're Meghan McCain and you have to get up and walk the walk")

- When asked what she would do if she fell in love or became close friends with an undocumented immigrant.McCain-" I think anytime you become close with anyone, it can change your worldview. I don't know any illegal immigrants. I know people who have immigrated here. I 'm not as hard-line on immigration as T***p".

-McCain on her Hillary Clinton jab- She says she was drinking the night before. She said " I call her crooked Hillary!  and "I hate Hillary Clinton". McCain- "I apologized on tv and said that I was contributing to the polarization of this country. I really regret saying that. She was friends with my dad. It's really not fair".

McCain on Biden- Elle says their bond leaves her in a precarious postion of being a Republican mulling the prospect of formly endorsing a Democrat. McCain"Even if I did endorse him it would just hurt him. I love Biden in a way I loved my father. I keep trying to think of what my dad would do in this situation. I want to see what Biden's message will be. If he's the person I know he is It's going to be very tough to remain neutral.

- McCain's mother Cindy- I give her the same advice each time. A lot of this stuff is in the moment and choose wisely when you begin to criticize. Don't get angry. Never get angry".

-McCain on her time frame for"The View" " I'm innately a fighter, but I do question if there will be a certain time where it just won't be worth being screamed at all day. I don't know, Maybe I'm having a bad week".


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