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Veronica Mars Creator, Rob Thomas,Talks About the New Season of Veronica Mars

Rob Thomas has been interviewed about the new season and he remains delusional about what the fans want from the show.

Here are some questionable things he been saying:

- He hasn't check the reactions to the show but gets google alerts where he reads the headlines.

"But the raw, general response to the episodes has been great. I knew going in it would upset a segment of the fans. Hopefully, it upset all the fans because Logan's death should mean something. But in terms of like, We will never forgive you, I think it's a much small section."

- He still believes that the show can't move forward as a show about abadass detective and her boyfriend.

One of the criticisms of the season is how Logan's death conveys a message that successful women of Veronica's stature can't have it all.

That was not my intention. I've been real upfront about my intention. It's that the hero of your television show, Veronica Mars, needs to be single if the show is going to keep surviving. If they had told me, "You never get to make another episode of Veronica Mars," Logan would have survived the end of the show. I'm certainly not trying to make a statement that women can't have it all.

- He believe that Veronica would be a Republican?!?!

Some folks on Twitter have argued that Logan would vote Republican. Do you have any thoughts on that?
"I'm going to go as far as saying he would not in this current political climate. [But] I've always thought that Veronica has a very Charles Bronson sense of justice and I don't think Charles Bronson voted for many Democrats."

- When the interviewer calls out Rob for making Veronica not being likeable this season, he says:

"I've always tried to write her that way. That's the part of Veronica that I really enjoy. She's far from perfection. She has a ton of noble qualities ... but she does overstep. She is still a damaged person. I am not interested in writing the "Veronica perfected" version of the show. The thing that I've always told writers on staff is to write her like a porcupine. That is her spirit animal."

-When asked about how Veronica Mars talk about sex assault and the survivor stories, he says

"Yeah, it only really comes up when Veronica is talking to Nicole [her new friend, played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste] at the gun range.I do wonder if, in the current environment, I would have been brave enough to write Veronica as a rape victim in the original pilot. It is dangerous territory, particularly for a male writer ... You don't want to get these things wrong ... People will be on you if they think the emotional truth is not accurate. It does make you think very hard about what you're writing today.

[Spoiler (click to open)] I was reading the two interviews and I'm convinced Rob has lost his mind. I can't believe I waited so long for the show to come back and end up disappointed in the new season.
Remember ppl havent finished the season so please remember to use the spoiler tag.

Sources 1 & 2

So fellow marshmallows, do you want another season?
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