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Life After Lockup 2.21 "Close Calls" Discussion Post

  • After their *explosive* fight, Clint & Tracie talk it out. They decide to renew their vows because it's a safe storyline for them. Although there's still trouble in paradise~

  • Sarah meets with a divorce lawyer, she's going to file. She wants to deliver the news in person & so Michael can meet his new daughter and see Pretty Girl and for peak dramatics.

  • Marcelino goes to see Tito about getting full custody of Giovanni. (even though Brittany has told him not to) The two men end up "fighting" with a producer getting in the mix. "Ok guys for realz stop"

  • Andrea takes Lemar to Utah to meet her friends. He is accosted by the men-folk about joining the mormon church.

  • Lizzie is creating drama in Scotts/Charlene's weird arrangement, whatever it is. Charlene says Lizzie needs to take a drug test to prove herself. Lizzie says she's not the one with the drug problem, Scott is.

  • Papa Megan gets amped up chopping vegetables and calls Michael to confront him about his ridiculous behavior. Michael mumbles his way through the conversation.

Clint & Traci:
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In honor of beysactingcoach taking a break to focus on more important things, here is a discussion post for the best-worst-reality-tv-show I still make time for!!

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