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woodstock 50 (a.k.a.: fyre festival 2: electric boogaloo) will be free

  • in the latest development in the ongoing saga of the beleagured woodstock 50, the seemingly-ill-fated festival tied to the 50th anniversary of the era-defining 1969 event, organizers announced on thursday that the festival would be relocating to columbia, maryland. such a significant location change obviously impacts performers, and on friday, multiple agents claimed that the move was in violation of the festival’s artists’ contracts, and that they’d no longer be obligated to uphold their original contracts.

  • now in a last bid effort to save the fest, organizers have apparently decided to make the entire event free. organizers will release general admission tickets in the near future that will be completely free of charge. attendees are encouraged to donate to various causes once at the festival.

  • vip tickets will still be sold at a cost in an effort to pay for the festival.

  • the move appears to be a last-minute attempt to ensure that artists still hold to the terms of their earlier contracts, despite having no legal obligation to do so. yesterday, beyonce's concubine and john fogerty both pulled out of the festival amid its relocation, with fogerty announcing a separate performance of his own at the bethel woods center for the arts that same weekend. it has been reported that saturday’s headliners, dead & company, would also no longer be performing at woodstock 50.

  • woodstock 50 is currently scheduled to take place august 16th-18th at merriweather post pavilion in columbia, maryland. time will tell if anything still happens as planned.

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a music festival with no music. how dreadful. ontd, are you contemplating attending the sprititual successor to fyre festival so you can be featured in one of the inevitable documentaries?

this post is just an excuse to publicly shout out beysactingcoach. hope you're good and you are missed.
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