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Lana Del Rey Likes Despicable Me, Is Subscribed to Youtube Toy Channel

Slow news of the week goes to a fan on Twitter who recently discovered that Lana Del Rey (or at least her channel) liked a video on Youtube of a scene from Despicable Me 3 titled 'Dru saves Gru from Laser attack'. Her Youtube page, which is mainly her music channel, also seems to be subscribed to a children's toy channel called CookieswirlC.

We don't know if this is just one of her simple pleasures, if she let a child browse on her Youtube, or if she has a secret child - but it had fans wondering about the Hillsong Church attendee's interests.

This post is brought to you by this photo of Lana on her laptop in an In-N-Out

What channels would people be surprised that you are subscribed to?

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Tags: lana del rey, slow news day

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