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Lil Nas X Rejects Pete Buttigieg "Old Town Road" Collaboration

It turns out, even Lil Nas X has a line when it comes to milking "Old Town Road," and that line is... South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

- Buzzfeed hosted a live variety show in New York City last night that featured internet celebrities, Broadway stars, the Jersey shore cast, Mayor Bill de Blasio, etc. and was headlined by Lil Nas X.
- Organizers and Pete Buttigieg's campaign had agreed on Buttigieg appearing via video reciting the lyrics to "Old Town Road" as part of a new collaboration on the song with Lil Nas X, who has brought increased longevity to his monster hit by releasing collaborations of the song with everyone from Billy Ray Cyrus to Young Thug to BTS's RM.
- Lil Nas X, however, was not on board and refused the idea, which led to Buttigieg pulling out of the event all together.
- While Lil Nas X had previously ignored Buttigieg tweeting his "welcome" to the LGBTQ community a few weeks ago he apparently does not personally dislike Buttigieg, who has 0% support from black voters, it's rather an issue of being diplomatic and not wanting to be seen as endorsing someone in the Democratic primary.

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