The View: Tituss Burgess, Hot Topics

Joy has new glasses. Whoopi takes Fridays off. Today’s panel is Joy, Ana, Sunny, and Meghan.

Tituss Burgess Sings a Torch Song

Tituss Burgess is an actor and singer. He’s done Broadway musicals and his singing style is a high tenor voice. He’s on the Netflix show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. No interview but he talks a little about his new album before he sings. I didn’t listen but here you go.

Hot Topic Biden Debate Prep for Next Week

Programming Alert
Next Democratic Debates are Tue 30 July and Wed 31 July on CNN @ 9PM eastern in Detroit
I’ll do a live post prior to each one

Joy doesn’t referee this well. They don’t really disagree, but it becomes shouty overalking.

Joy brings up that Biden says the gloves are off, says he was too nice even tho it didn’t hurt him (polls), why does he need to change. Ana wonders why he’s telegraphing what he’ll do next week, talks about Tr/mp persona and who can go against him (eg fighting back). Joy wonders can Biden can beat Tr/mp being himself (genial) vs turning into Tr/mp. Sunny wants to know why you can’t vote for someone whose policies you believe in, not just someone who you think can beat Tr/mp. Joy thinks we’re in such an emergency the sky is falling we don’t have the luxury of being openminded about policies. Mam talks about round robin and role play, he’s prepping against Kamala again. Others will be going for Kamala particularly Tulsi, brings up the busing topic, since they (Biden and Kamala) essentially have the same position on that topic. Ana says Kamala and Julian did well, based on element of surprise which won’t play again. Sunny thought Biden felt he was heir apparent, same mistake HRC made, but this is a vetting process. Candidate has to earn everyone’s vote. Biden wants to be friends, no animosity. Ana doesn’t care who is the nominee, and they need to all be friends. If you don’t win the nomination gtfo and support the goal, shades Bernie.

Mam is looking fw to what Marianne will say. Talks about primary strategy vs general election strategy. Sunny brings up non-voters, 100M who could vote, didn’t in 2016, need a candidate who will energize voter turnout. Sunny goes off about the racists and doesn’t care how the GOP might vote. Mam brings up swing states. Joy has changed mind about impeachment, it will be distracting, put your money into the election. Can’t do too many things at once. Likens it to her divorce, trying to get blood from a turnip from a man who didn’t have much money anyway. Ana said if people want him held accountable, vote him out, so then he can be charged. Mam brings up campaigns again because she’s an expert /s. Mam still thinks people voted for Obama, then voted for Tr/mp. Um.

Hot Topic Moscow Mitch Blocks Two Cyber Security Bills From Senate Vote

Plays clip of Rep Will Hurd (R-TX) asking mature point-blank questions about Russia interference in election. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) then blocked two cyber security bills to protect election security, because a Russian company built a plant in KY, and a Russian oligarch gave $3.5M to his superpac. One bill is about paper ballots, voting machines that don’t connect directly to the internet, etc. The second bill, if foreign influence contacts you, you must notify the FBI. It’s already unethical but the GOP doesn’t adhere to it. Sunny feels it’s shocking that Mueller said our very democracy remains at risk but GOP won’t step up. Mam brings up silicon valley (GOP talking point deflection). Also says Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google because her ads were blocked after the last debate when searches for her skyrocketed (Google admitted temp suspension, gave random non-answer), plus her campaign emails were being sent to spam at a disproportionate rate over other campaign emails. Panel revisits 2016 blah blah. Sunny says evidence revealed that Russia hacked all 50 states, just to see if they could. [The idea that voting systems were hacked, but no votes were changed, is… unlikely.]

Hot Topic 45 is a Russian Puppet

mhfromnh put a tweet in yesterday’s The View post. The news was viral and lol-worthy.

Caligula stood in from of a seal, at a teen student action summit in DC. Two eagle heads are similar to Russia seal, one claw holding cash, another claw holding golf clubs, the motto says 45 is a puppet (hoodlum) in Spanish. The panel mocks and laughs at this ridiculous regime. This is where we are, people, this is where we are.

This is NOT the Presidential Seal of the United States of America. Tr/mp advance team are the dum dums that they are. Source

Twitter tag #TrumpIsAPuppet is worth the giggles.

Hot Topic Racist in North Carolina

Godddd these people. Nancy Goodman, 71, is a racist. She got into an argument with two black women at the Bonefish Grille in a suburb outside Raleigh. White lady said the black women were being too loud. Plays clip. White lady called her a stupid n-word. Local station WRAL interviewed her, she said she has anxiety, she won’t apologize, and she said they forced her into using the n-word. Reporter said, do you see how that word is incredibly offensive? White lady says, of course I do that’s why I said it. They talk about Paula Dean, there used to be backlash. This lady is old, there are no repercussions for her (losing job, etc). This is the world we live in, normalized by Racist in Chief. The whole panel talks about their outrage. Sunny is understandably very riled up.

Hot Topic Luann on RHOBH Can Not Sing

Plays clip. Joy doesn’t think she can tell a friend they have no talent. Sunny says you shouldn’t give unsolicited advice. Ana says Luann can’t sing, but she’s filling up cabarets across the country. Sunny says there are entertainers who aren’t the best singers but they still entertain. Joy wonders if Mam will tell her that her jokes are dumb. (They’re playful, no arguing.) Mam says No because Joy’s been at it for 22 years, but Luann only 6 mos out of rehab (cackles). Mam still likes Luann and would go see her and have fun. Ana’s husband thinks all the RHOxx kill braincells. They segue to Ana husband calling her mama, continues next section.

Hot Topic Does Your Man Call You Mamacita

Ana husband called her mama. Joy husband calls her Joie. Mam husband calls her babe. They talk about Reagan and Nancy, Pence and his wife. Joy thinks it’s Freudian. Mami, Papi. Ana and Sunny explain it’s a Hispanic thing, not literally parental in context. Joy and Mam don’t go for it, think it’s weird. Laughter, laughter. More convo.

Mam My Father™ count = 0
(discontinued after today because she and/or show intern have caught on, so she doesn’t say it anymore)

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