Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC (hoot) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC

Jaclyn Hill comes back to Youtube after her fuzzy lipstick controversy

After her contaminated lipstick controversy, Jaclyn Hill made her return to Youtube the other day where she talked more about the issues with her lipsticks, what she's done since then and her plans for the future. She rambles a lot so here's a summary of what she talked about.

- She says she's not going to cry and she's going to cut out any moment where she feels like she's about to get overly emotional because she doesn't want to make it about her feelings. This is a lie.
- She quotes Kurt Cobain but it's not actually a Kurt Cobain quote.
- She disabled her Instagram and Twitter temporarily because she was humiliated and it was distracting her. She said she needed to step away and refocus to figure out how to keep this from happening again.
- She refuses to discuss the "rumors". She's likely talking about the major question whether Morphe owns Jaclyn Cosmetics or not.
- She said she's shocked and embarassed. She feels like she got too cocky and was too sure this would be perfect.
- Blames her quality control team for being too small to handle the large amount of product they were producing. She said she's hired and fired a lot of people on her team, and will not be working with the same lab or quality control people in the future.
- She said she had another product coming out later this year with the same lab, but obviously that won't be happening now. Her intention was to have products coming out every 6 weeks, but this is on hold until she gets everything sorted out.
- She said she reached out to the original woman who had mentioned the issues with the lipsticks on Twitter. At the time Jaclyn posted a very rude response to her and Jaclyn's fans attacked her. She said she apologized to the woman via Twitter DM, but also did so in the video.

tl;dr she's still not taking responsibility for this mess.

Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities

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