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The View: Fred Savage, Hot Topics

Fred Savage Talks About His Childhood, His Career, His Family, Some Girl

Warning, I’m in a mood. My webpage twitter has the new layout. /pouting.

Fred Savage from The Wonder Years talks about his childhood auditions and his old show. I wasn’t really listening bloop. Something about his dad playing comedy albums on the way to auditions. Shows family photo. He doesn’t want The Wonder Years to come back because it was a precise time in life, an era during adolescence, that has passed. Mam said words I didn’t listen to. I think he has directed a lot of TV shows over the years since he grew up. Talks about his show What Just Happened which is an after show for a (fake) show that doesn’t exist. He explains. Idk. Shiri from Roswell is on it.

They play a clip of him as a child with Johnny Carson, he liked Clint Eastwood. Cute. I didn’t listen to all of it. He’s been married 15 yrs, shows photo. True story, there is a girl who people told her she looks like Fred Savage, shows photo. She set up a gofundme to have plastic surgery so she won’t have to look like him anymore. Fred donated $50 to her goal because he figured why should she have to look like him. Whoopi was flabbergasted lol.

Hot Topic Dan Abrams Overanalyzes Robert Mueller Testimony

Sunny was off today (?)
Dan Abrams ABC Legal Analyst said “movie” within 15 words so then I peaced-out. [Ugh at the mainstream media who have turned our society into a clickbait reality show driven by ratings. Fox may be the enemy but they’re not the only media outlets peddling propaganda.]

The panel discusses Mueller’s “performance” because he’s an actor not a special prosecutor. /s He didn’t have any shouty emotional outbursts so he gets a bad review on Rotten Tomatoes. Joy said they were disrespectful and she doesn’t want to hear again that the GOP is the party of patriotism. Mam is extra obnoxious the whole day in this segment all the time forever with her frail, low energy, disappointing, talking points. Dan Abrams seemed to be spouting from the same GOP playbook. Whoopi thinks he was articulate when he needed to be. Mam wanted to know if it helped or hurt Mueller. [Mueller wasn’t on trial?]. Ana said Mueller did what he said he would do and that’s it. If you watched any news last night, literally nothing of any relevance is said in this segment.

Here’s me reacting to all the /hot takes/ as if those old videotapes of Watergate hearings were somehow riveting edge of your seat television!1!!1 Source

Hot Topic Adam Schiff Follow Up

[Lol @ the family tourist photobombs in the upper right during both videos.]
Plays clips. Schiff joins by satellite from DC. Ana felt Nadler and Schiff opening statements were great. Ana shows tweet from Schiff post-hearing. What are Dems going to do next. Schiff points out most of America didn’t read it, then had it filtered via pundit soundbites. Schiff also wants to pursue financial connections that were beyond Mueller scope. Talks about multiple financial improprieties and secret back channels (name-checks Jared Kushner). Joy thought he was fantastic. Asks him to elaborate that following the money is not just a moral issue, but also a national safety issue. Schiff talks about Tr/mp campaign and now his presidency being one long infomercial.

Mam chimes in, she’s rude and interrupts him repeatedly. She wants to know about Schiff’s claim about collusion. Schiff puts her in her place. Russians offered dirt in writing, Traitor Tot responds in writing. Traitor Tot meets in person. Then he goes on to say that a rational conclusion is different from a legally provable outcome. Ana wants to know about impeachment. Schiff says the testimony wasn’t new but wanted it on the record. Says he tried a corrupt federal judge for impeachment 10 yrs ago, so he knows firsthand what that takes. Schiff talks about what impeachment may or may not bring if Tr/mp's (sure to be) acquitted in the Senate after a (predicted) year long ordeal. Joy wants to know what is going to be done about foreign interference in elections since McConnell and GOP want nothing to do with it. Whoopi says it’s in your hands (House/Congress), get on it.

Hot Topic 911 Victims Fund Finally Passes Even Though Rand Paul and Mike Lee Are Bad People

The 911 victims compensation fund was finally approved, even though Rand Paul and Mike Lee are bad people (the only 2 who voted against it). Now they’re worried about the money, but already approved tax cuts for the uber wealthy when they weren’t worried about the money. That next door neighbor who had yardwork issues with Rand Paul was the real hero. The last push by Jon Stewart was brilliant. Unfortunately, the first responder (who testified with Stewart) died before this was passed, which was a crying shame.

Hot Topic Adios Puerto Rico Governor

Claps for peaceful protesters. The Governor officially resigned, leaving next week. Some rando on Joy’s fb said “he had been protesting on fb and social media” lol @ this laziness. Ana pointed out that it was investigative journalists (not MSM propaganda networks) who got the info out there. There are ~3M people in Puerto Rico, estimated ~500K had been protesting. Compared to America and our fiasco, we should have 55M protesting across the nation. The panel talks about him and how Puerto Rico handled it, vs the crap show we have here on the mainland.

Hot Topic The Rock Supports Mauna Kea

Hundreds of native Hawaiians have been camped out at the base of a dormant volcano Mauna Kea (on Big Island), which they consider to be sacred ground, to protest the building of $1.4B Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). Actor The Rock joined the protest yesterday. Whoopi’s existential question is, Who decides what is sacred ground, why aren’t the religious beliefs of native Hawaiians taken more seriously. Ana talks about the power of protest, eg Puerto Rico, and they had social media and public figures that brought light to their issue. Mam makes it about her, talks about Havasu Falls and Beyonce video. [Her sidebar makes no sense because filming a video with permission isn’t the same as the government adding a telescope on a location that has been under protest and challenged in the courts since 2014.] The panel doesn’t delve into the years-long background. You can read more about it here

Hot Topic RIP Rutger Hauer

Previous post here by colonel_green

He was 75 yrs old, most well known from the original Blade Runner opposite Harrison Ford. They list some of his films, called him amazing and charming. That’s it. The whole clip.

From Blade Runner: All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Mam My Father™ count = 0

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