Faye Dunaway fired from Broadway, + details of her unhinged behavior

The NY Post exclusively reports that Faye Dunaway has been fired from the Broadway-bound play “Tea at Five” for creating a “hostile” and “dangerous” environment. The Oscar winner reportedly left members of production fearing for their safety. Some bulletpoints summarizing incidents of her unhinged behavior:

• The July 10 performance was canceled just minutes before curtain because Dunaway "slapped" and "threw things" at crew members who were trying to put on her wig.

• In another incident, a crew member gave her a salad for lunch and she threw it on the floor. "She was watching her weight and said the salad would be better on the floor than in her hand."

• She would show up 2 hours late for rehearsals. She refused to allow anyone to look at her during rehearsals, including the director and the playwright.

• No one was allowed to wear white to rehearsals because Dunaway found it "too distracting". When she was rehearsing on stage at the Huntington, "no one was allowed to move in the theater because that also distracted her."

• She allegedly threw mirrors, combs and boxes of hairpins at the staff of the theater. And in a June incident, she had a meltdown and demanded that staffers get down on their hands and knees and scrub the floor of her dressing room.

The play is currently in process of recasting the actress, and expected to move to London by Spring 2020.