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'are you the one?' s08e06: 'hate to burst your bubble' recap

we are back for another week of hot sexually fluid young singles looking for their perfect match and failing worse than if they were looking for their p.m. in the daylight with flashlights. but as a wise animated crab once said:

again, there will be spoilers galore, now let's get into the highlights of the week:

  • 2 for you amber coco for realizing that nour is most likely not your match, accepting that possibility and setting new boundaries for the two of you...!--now move onto to paige

  • i'm all for jenna's deserved saltiness--she's earned it--as long as she doesn't let it affect the game or her finding her perfect match.

  • also, jenna was lowkey looking fine in the confessional.

  • jax is going strong and are ready to #godownwiththeship #fightforthislove (not fight4thislove) recommitted, stronger than ever and flip-flopping in the boom boom room all night long.

  • they must've learned from the fivesome and locked the door and as hot and sweet as that moment was, i can't help but feel that it was a wasted opportunity to breed some quality drama and edits of hot action.

  • revelations! the resident angel of the house, basit. he's looking for a honey pot not a honey dip.

  • well...i thought kai and jasmine were a possible hookup--actually we all know kai and anyone is a possible hookup--but not a perfect match.

  • after seeing them together i can see them complimenting each other well and even being in a relationship for a bit.

  • paige being the lowkey mvp she is gently broke the news to jenna and helped her through the moment. why is o no one choosing paige as their one true match...?! she's a hottie with a sense of humor, personality and a big heart so why does it feel like she's been cast on are you the two??!

  • when brandon and aasha were paired up previously it felt like tokenism--"let's just put the cute binary black people together"--finally have a heart to heart and have a real connection over their mutual struggle to develop relationships through sex and so many of us have been there. i've definitely used sex to forge intimacy because it takes too long to build it through friendship and so much can go wrong while building a friendship that causes the connection to be lost entirely.

  • i want to see more from them because i'm not sold on them as a match but i'd love to be proven wrong.

  • the k's made up!

  • i think they're both serious about being here for love and wanting a connection outside of the house and not just for the show.

  • for those, like myself, that will never have this, i am very happy for them. i hope it's real and they last.

  • the k's are recommitted and head to the truth booth and ready for whatever only to find out that they are not a match

  • so this discounts nour and amber, and kylie and kari, which leaves--jax!

  • i'm rooting for the boys--the house is finally rooting for the boys--everyone is branching out for new possibilities. how can the match up ceremony possibly go wrong?

  • one word: jonathan--actually--two word's: jonathan's bussy

  • yes, the clown college graduate and second in line to pick his match for the night decided to follow his heart "asshole" (per remy) and choose justin after it was revealed that #jaxisreal

  • surely jonathan can justify this...! maybe justin stays on top of...his "health"?

  • this led to a domino effect where everyone else was left to scramble to choose a match which each person knew was wrong so naturally it lead to a blackout. yes, these pretty people are now $250,000 poorer and more lost than they were in week one.

  • and jonathan sittin' his big dumbie ass there while they receive the news.

  • i'm so fucking ready for next week

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ugh, i'm weak ass fuck this week: the heat is oppressive, my benadryl has me in a perma-malaise, and my inbox won't stop yelling at me so this post feels half assed, but ultimately it's an excuse for everyone to talk about this wonderful show that more people should be watching. any way, lowkey mvp of the week is a two way split between...


and jasmine

ontd, how are you feeling about this week's bombshells?
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