Beyonce accused of plagiarizing from Petite Noir

Beyonce has been accused of plagiarizing African artist, Petite Noir's, "La Maison Noir: The Gift and the Curse" video for her "Spirit" video from "The Lion King: The Gift." A video comparison was posted, as well as frame by frame comparisons from the art and fashion director of "The Gift and the Curse," Gabrielle Kannemeyer.

Source: Twitter 1, 2

Well the Lion King is basically stolen from Kimba the White Lion and Beyonce gets accused of stealing every single era, so I guess this isn't surprising. I wonder if this happening again and also Beyonce's album flopping (predicted for 949 copies in UK and only like #2 or #3 in the US with 49k) will make her stop stealing and also start promoting her albums again. I love Beyonce as a performer, artist, and vocalist, but her constant stealing is yikes.

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