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caroline polachek premieres two new songs, 'ocean of tears' and 'parachute' from her upcoming album

  • singer, songwriter, beyoncé collaborator, and former lead singer of chairlift, caroline polachek, has released two "lyric booklets" for her new singles, "ocean of tears" and "parachute" from her upcoming debut solo album, pang, to be released this fall.

  • watch "ocean of tears" and "parachute" below:

sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

to the three other chairlift/caroline polachek fans on ontd, how are you enjoying caroline's solo output? the "door" song and video are two of my faves of the year. to everyone else, get into the evolution of the lyric video.

Tags: beyoncé, music / musician, music / musician (alternative and indie), new music post

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