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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way - "Pawn Shop Fridges, Pots, Pyros and Proposals, My Boy" Recap

- okay cool so it's obvious that Dora the Failed Explorer did absolutely no research on South Africa or her fiancé who thought it was appropriate to explain to a seven year old boy about human trafficking without his momma having the whole ass sense to nip that in the bud
- Dear universe, please let only the best, most wonderful things happen to Daniel. He got his own little talking head!
- the Koreaboo without her Wild Child acts surprised about the proposal but you already had his parents' blessing to get married sooooooooooooo
- this is the most ghetto proposal and OP guesses we're supposed find it cute like a K-drama/ K-romcom. We don't doe!
- Pyro Shart Run Dipshit Paul is still using the translator app while Karine gets an ultrasound
- The Unemployeds, Jenny and Sumit, is gettin' hitched
- Brigham Young University and Sociopathic Rinsing Queen are in Engaobao and the pigs want them to leave after the gringo was over here bringing that magia negra
- Jihoon's adorable parents leave to reunite with their adorable dog
- Our Boy Gotta Know when Hold 'Em, Know When to Fold 'Em Ronald gives us lessons on how to pawn fridges. Can you believe it girls? It's so easy!


This episode has been brought to you by Sesame Street by Dark: How to Brusquely Tell Adorable Child the Kidnapping is Real, My Boy.
Tags: 90 day fiance, reality show, television - tlc

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