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The View: Beto O'Rourke, Kofi Siriboe, Hot Topics

Beto O’Rourke Talks Campaign

(His wife Amy joins for third segment)

Summary of convo [Spoiler (click to open)]
Talks re-launching his campaign. Mam brings up poll numbers, below Marianne W., fundraising down. He replies that it’s soon, campaigns have flows, talks about how he feels when he’s out there, it’s energetic.

Sunny brings up Tr/mp vs Squad and Send Her Back. Wonders if it will be a campaign theme. Beto says it’s more than Dems who are outraged, details Tr/mp racist words. Believes the voters will reject that racism and bigotry. Joy said she thought Tr/mp ratings went up since his remarks, and the GOP strategy is to paint Dems as unpatriotic socialists, how will Beto go up against that. Beto explains his strategy. Joy & Sunny bring up that Tr/mp wants to cut Meals on Wheels program, cutting out the only meals for 3M people. Mam thinks comparing Tr/mp to Nazis is extreme (it’s not, crack a history book). Beto tries to explain, Mam interrupts, Beto carries on. Mam thinks people who voted for Obama then Tr/mp (o_ok) will need to be won over. Beto continues that he went into high red territories because they deserve to be heard, quotes his election votes from 2018 (run for Senate, dude).

Wife Amy joins them. Nice dress. 3 kids. Shows photo. Joy wondered if she cried when he said he was going to run. Amy says No, she cried back in 2008-9 when she was pregnant and it seemed out of the blue. Flash fw, she’s fine with it now. Amy read Michelle Obama book Becoming, recounts similarities in being a working mother. Beto says she’s amazing and they made the decision together. Mam brought up quotes about sometimes raising kids. Amy says she wasn’t upset with him, he was trying to illustrate that it was tough for her. Sunny and Amy talk a little Spanish. Sunny mentions they revealed they’re both descendants of slaveowners. Beto talks about that. Reparations = yes pass bill to study (which is the first step).

Hot Topic Al Franken

Jane Mayer wrote a piece in The New Yorker. You can read it here The Case of Al Franken

The first two clips, the hosts debate whether Franken should’ve resigned.
Joy believes that Franken shouldn’t have resigned without due process. Sunny errs on the side of /believe all women/ because false reports are so rare, but she also believes in due process, because there are holes in the claims and he wanted himself an ethics investigation. Mam also believes in due process, but she has a problem with Mayer’s article because she takes issue with Mayer’s perspective of Franken vs. Kavanaugh. Whoopi brings up Central Park 5 & Tawana Brawley that are big for her, and she wants due process. Whoopi thinks the rule of law should be given its due or we will fall as a society.

The third clip, they go after Kirstin Gillibrand.
Joy felt he was pushed out in reaction to Roy Moore timeline. Many Senators were quoted in Mayer article that they made a mistake. Mam says she’s tanking in the polls so she’s not getting the payoff she thought it might bring her. Whoopi says the ethics committee is there for a reason. They compare to Tr/mp who is accused of everything but never suffers consequences.

Hot Topic Mueller Due to Testify Tomorrow

Will he flop? Whoopi says he’ll articulate how Tr/mp committed high crimes and misdemeanors. They debate what will actually come of this. Sunny points out no one read it, but she did. Says most of Congress didn’t even read it. Sunny thinks the hearings will bring it to the forefront for the voters, even if he does nothing but repeat what is in the report. Remembers Joy saying this similar event was a catalyst during Watergate. Joy complains that Barr is sending threatening letter, even though Mueller is a private citizen. Mam wonders if it will be the smoking gun people are looking for.

Hot Topic Kofi Siriboe

Kofi is a 25 yr old actor and model from Ghana who is in Queen Sugar. He’s been acting since he was 5 yrs old. He was in Girls Trip as Jada Pinkett Smith love interest. He had a crush on her growing up. Talks how he loves the Smith family. He used to be a chubby middle child, then grew up (and glowed up). Talks about his working experience on the show. Sunny says he’s been nicknamed by fans as Siribae or Kofine. Shows his NYE @kofi tweet about finding Mrs Right. He says it could’ve been misconstrued, elaborates.

Mam My Father™ count = 0

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