Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Slammed For Apparently Parking In A Handicap Spot

Kylie Jenner shared a picture with Travis Scott on IG in front of their car.

Fans picked up on the handicap sign in the background.
“Sooo, Which one of y’all are handicap?” 
“I believe you. It’s a crime to park in the handicap parking spot. I sure hope you are bragging because you’re parked there. Karma has a way of making things equal. I would not tempt fate.”
“please pay the $250 fine if you don’t mind.”

Disability inclusion group The Ruderman Family Foundation’s president Jay Ruderman slammed the photo :
“Accessible parking is meant for people with disabilities who need it. As a role model to many, this is an opportunity for Kylie Jenner to use her celebrity status to help society understand why accessible parking is a basic right for people with disabilities to be included in daily life.”