Actor Ricky Gervais weighs in on Canada's transgender ball-waxing controversy

- British Actor Ricky Gervais of 'The Office' and 'Night at the Museum' fame commented on current controversial case in Canada involving transwoman activist Jessica Yaniv vs 16 waxing and esthetic salons
- Jessica Yaniv sued the, mostly immigrant owned, home beauty services for human rights abuse denouning their transphobia for refusing to serve a client because they didn't have the 'right' genitalia
- The home salons argued that they refused Yaniv as a client because their religion prevent them from touching male genitalia, they work at home with children around and/or they lack of expertise/equipment to wax male genitalia
- Yaniv is suing these beauty salons for $500,000
- Ricky Gervais tweeted about this case defending the beauty salons and thus engaged in a 'Twitter fight' with feminists and trans right activists

Here's some of the mess :

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