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Veronica Mars News Round Up (Major Spoilers)

  • Showrunner Rob Thomas is scared of the response to killing off Logan in the finale, but hopes fans will forgive him.

  • Today he's angered fans by stating Logan was killed off because married and happy Veronica would be boring. He wants to continue the show as a straight mystery with no ties to Neptune and a happy Veronica couldn't accomplish that.

  • Regarding the decision to kill Logan and move the franchise out of Neptune: "Will this gamble pay off? I do not know. If you never see Veronica Mars again, know that I lost that bet."

  • Article author notes the decision to kill Logan and move the show out of Neptune actually makes no sense because Veronica is now isolated and has regressed as a character instead of advancing her growth.

  • Jason Dohring says he was "thoroughly devastated" after finding out Logan would be killed off, and his heart sank when told how he would die.

  • Rob Thomas explained to him that people liked when Veronica was the underdog, which couldn't happen if she were happily married.

  • He said there was a joyful sadness during his last days on set, and Enrico Colantoni (Keith) would tear up.

  • He wants fans to trust Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell's vision for the show.

  • Kristen Bell calls Jason Dohring the "sacrificial lamb" and he "took one for the team."

  • Jason says of the decision to kill off Logan: "I cannot say that I understood or agreed with what he did."

  • He told Percy Daggs III (Wallace) Ryan Hansen (Dick) and they were upset, calling the decision "bullshit."

  • The toughest scene for him to film was Logan willing to give up Veronica if she wasn't happy, saying he cried.

  • He repeats that he has faith in Rob and Kristen's vision.

And Jason's message to the fans:

  • Rob Thomas addresses Tina Majorino (Mac)'s absence in the show, saying he wanted her. He wasn't sure if she opted it because of a diminished role or because of other obligations.

  • TVLine contacted Tina, who cofirmed it was the former, saying in part "I have a very deep love for the character of Mac and my goal from the beginning has always been to give her and her trajectory the respect she deserves." Her full statement could be read at the source.

  • Rob Thomas says no hard feelings.

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