Yaya DaCosta On Repping Her Afro-Latina Roots

Yaya DaCosta was asked about what she thinks of this new diversity movement in Hollywood and she say's, "it's refreshing."

"But, I mean, it's just the beginning - let's not get too excited, there's still some work to do. We need to have people in the rooms. It can't just be actors and performers representing. There have to be writers and producers and directors hiring and insisting on their representation. Because it's very easy to just do what's comfortable. You know, no shade to people that look like J Lo! But let's just be more inclusive."

Yaya has always embraced her roots, even when shamed for it hard on America's Next Top Model. Never forget:

Context: the girls had to choose hats that reflected their personal style. The judges were a fucking mess and the editing depicted her as defensive. As Tyra said, "you're being very defensive, and it's not attractive."

Nigel Barker: "Yaya, I think you look beautiful. I think everyone probably pegged you as going for the typical African hat."
Nolé Martin: "Yaya, I feel half-African, half-cowgirl. It looks like you're about to ride a giraffe. I'm not feeling it."
Rebecca Weinberg: "You have this intensity to prove your, sort of, Africanness, and I think that, sometimes, it's overbearing. It's just too much! It's sort of a layer on top of a layer."

Tyra Banks (as judges make their decisions): "Yaya takes a beautiful picture, effortlessly; she's bringing something from inside. But the other thing that Yaya brings from inside that is so ugly? Is that superiority, condescending attitude."