Ontd Original: Reboots and Revivals 20th Century T.V. edition

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-Reboot:A new start to established work.

- Revival: A new presentation of something old.

- With Reboots strong as ever( Gossip Girl, Making the band) I decided to go back to a time where it all began. The 20th century.


"What's Happening!"1976-1979

- Followed 3 teens, Roger, Dwayne, and Rerun with little sister Dee and waitress Shirley.


What's Happening Now!


-Followed the now adults as Roger now works with Shirley to maintain the diner. Rerun is a used car salesman, Dwayne is a computer programmer and Dee drops by when she is not in College.

-The original was cancelled due to the leads asking for pay raises.

-The revival was Martin Lawrence's first role in the last season 1988-1989.  

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The Brady Bunch-1969-1974

-Told the story of a couple who bought 3 children each into their new marriage.


"The Bradys"1990

- This show dealt with the Bradys as adults. Mrs. Brady was a real estate agent, Mr Brady ran for City Council, Marcia (played by Leah Ayres) was a fashion designer, Peter was in the Air force, Cindy was a radio dj,Alice is married to Sam, Jan , an architect,delt with infertility and later adopted. Bobby, a racecar driver became parlyzed from an accident.


The Brady Brides-1981

-The Brady brides show Marcia and Jan having a joint wedding. It was originaly a two hour movie, but the network broke it down to 4 episodes and made 6 more.

- This is the only show that has all 9 original cast members.


- Robert Reed (Mr. Brady) was not in the last episode of the original show due to a dispute with producers.

- Showrunner Sherwood Swartz conceived the show idea after reading that 30 percent of marriages had a child or children from a previous marriage in 1966.

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Leave it to Beaver-1957-1963

-A show about an upper middle class family and the exploits of their young sons.


The New Leave it to Beaver 1984-1989

-Followed the now adult Beaver who is divorced and living with widowed mom(Mr. Cleaver ,Hugh Beaumont died of a heart attack in 1982 at 73)with his two kids. Wally lives next door with his wife and daughter. Eddie Haskill is still trash.

Trivia: The original show aired on both Cbs and Abc. The new show was on the disney channel and moved to superstation WTBS which is now TBS.

-Mrs.Cleaver wore pearls to hide a surgical scar on her neck and heels to try to stay taller than the growing boys as long as she could.

-Ken Osmond's(Eddie Haskell) real life sons played his sons on the revival.


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-Valerie Harper starred in a show about Valerie Hogan, a mother of 3 teen boys whose husband was gone a lot to work as a pilot.


Valerie's Family, The Hogan family, The Hogans-1988-1991

-Valerie Harper wanted the show to be real and not slapstick. After a year the show rose in ratings and Harper and her producer/husband asked for more money and walked off set whiched worked when she was on "Rhoda".

- In the summer of 1988 Harper came back and filmed an episode for the 3rd season. Rumor has it she walked of again, she said she did not.

-Valerie Harper was fired from her self titled show. She sued for breach of contract and went on talk shows saying the producers were sexist liars. They sued for libel. The charecter was killed in a car accident off screen. The Father came back and Aunt Sandy, actress Sandy Duncan who was best known as playing" Peter Pan" and who had a contract with NBC for a show came on as the boys aunt.

-Many accusations were flung. Producers said Harper had meltdowns about her show being taken away from her as than heartthroab Jason Bateman was given a lot of screentime for his teen base.

-At trail it was revealed that during a meeting one of the producers wrote" change of life" on a notecard.

-Harper" The raging hormone nonsense they've used against us since the beginnig of time. I don't see menopause as incapacitating or leading to insanity. I'm looking foreward to it".

- Harper won 1.82 millon that she donated to charity. She has a go fund me page for her current cancer treatments.

Trivia: Lisa Rinna had her first role as Jason Bateman's date.

-This was the first show to sayy condom on NBC in 1987 and some stations refused to air it .

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A Diffrent World-1988

-Denise Huxtable goes to Hillman College, a fictional HBCU in Virginia.


A Diffrent World:1989-1991

- At the end of the first season producers relized the show did not depict the realities of an HBCU so they enlisted Debbie Allen who went to Howard University(HU!You Know!) to be the chief creative force at the show.

-Lisa Bonet announced she was pregnant and Allen was open to a pregnant college student but 1988 said no.

-The show put Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison at the forefront.


A Diffrent World-1992-93

-A new set of students were brought in, including Jada Pinkett.


-The show was originally going to be about a white student at a black college. They changed it to a black student having a white roomate.

-Meg Ryan was cast but went on to films. Marisa Tomei took the part.

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Melrose Place-1992

-A thoughtful drama on a group of twentysomethings navigating life and love.


Melrose Place: 1993-1999

-Heather Locklear was cast on episode 21 in 1993 and the show fully went into becoming an over the top soap oprea that was adored.

-episode 11 when Dr Kimberly Shaw(Marcia Cross) came on board and sweet understanding Michael became evil through the affair (or was he evil all along and he used the affair as an excuse) was when things really changed. IMO.


-At the end of the run of the show, snowglobes with the pool water was sent out to jounalist who sold them on ebay for $300.

-The show was edited in 1995 due to the Oklahoma City Bombing which happened a month before Kimberly places a bomb in the complex. A To be continued message played and the viewers saw the aftermathe in the fall.

-Hunter Tylo sued in 1996 when she was fired for being pregnant. She won $4.8 million and the role was recast with Lisa Rinna who was accommmodated when she got pregnant.

- Vannessa A. Williams(Showtimes Soul Food) on being fired after rhe first season."The whole face of the show changed, no pun intended, to Aaron Spelling's soap opera formula. They raised the stakes in terms of sexual content, so who was gonna jump in bed with the black girl and not raise a hair in middle america somewhere?" I know it had nothing to do with my work, so I just had to release".

-Model's Inc.was a spin off that lasted a year in 1994.

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The facts of Life-1979

- The tale of 7 girls at a private school.


Facts of life-1980-88

-The showrunners did not think so many girls could equally get screentime so that got rid of 4( including pre john hughes molly ringwald) and bought in Nancy Mckeon as Jo.