Bret Michaels Is A Lifestyle Guru, Has His Own Line Of Scented Candles

Bret Michaels is now a lifestyle guru with his own line of scented candles. He just launched a new one called "Roses & Thorns." It smells like his own brand of cologne, Roses & Thorns:

"An exhilarating scent with a mysterious kicker...leading to sexy results!"

There is no other information about what "Roses & Thorns" smells like... just that it has a mysterious kicker.

He also sells candles that smell like gingerbread, "hot tropic," and "soul fire." A pack of candle melts costs $8, a medium candle tin costs $15, and a glass candle jar costs $22.

What is the "mysterious kicker" in Bret's candles?

Wig glue
Stale beer
Human body fluids
Generic cheap cologne

What do u think of lifestyle gurus?